Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day 180 - the Annual Dachsund Parade

They celebrate New Years in spectacular ways in Key West. A drag queen drops in a red sequin show. A conch is the crystal ball here. They also have an Annual Dachsund  Parade. There were hotdogs. There were fairies. And strollers. Dogs and people in every conceivable costume. I sat on the corner in the middle of the hubbub of 200 plus sausage dogs and just about every other kinds of dog drawing this with my Noodler Creaper Ahab. Colored w watercolor pencils. 
They marched in the street around a one block section. It was a hoot. And the mobs were thick. Cameras were clicking. Everybody had their favorite. 

This is the double page spread. 

A hot dog but then you knew that's what they are!!!
Chihuahuas were there!! 
My sis managing the crowds. 

My fav dog Moby Dick. A Jack Russell of course!!!

Well what can I say!! Crazy every New Years Eve!!! Be there!! 

Thanks for looking!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 179 -Sketching Key West

Watercolor pencil and sharpie marker.
And here I added Pentel brush pen. 

Blue Heaven where we ate breakfast today. My favorite meal so far. And just a fascinating spot. A lot of negative painting to make the yellow croton leaves show up. More sketches of it to come. 

On the back deck at the Hyatt where we had breakfast yesterday. The grounds here are really beautiful. Immaculate tall palms. A tropical paradise. 
A fun spot on Stock Island. Atmosphere and waterside tables. We love it!!!  The island seems to use license tags as wallpaper. More tomorrow. Day 180 on New Years. How did I do that?! What good timing!! 

Thanks for looking!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

178- A little off the beaten path

Well I am in Key West so why not?!

Where I rocked my morning away!! The view from our condo's screened porch. 

Purple hanging orchid tree that we tried to park under. The plants here are incredible. Huge lush palms line the streets. Some we can only grow as house plants growing tall like the Scheffelerra and Norfolk Pine trees 20 feet in the air. 

Huge Crown of Thorns bursting from
Their pots. 

Incredible Banyan trees. This is a small one. 

Great sunsets.
Eating dockside at Hof Fish Grill on Stock Island. More tomorrow. 

Thanks for looking!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 177 from the Florida Turnpike

A lot of quick gesture sketches as I sat in the middle of the breakfast area at the Hampton Inn in Vadosta Ga. Done in my Stillman and Birn Alpha w my Lamy Safari. Posted from the Florida Turnpike near Orlando. Only 437 more miles to go.  Arrival time about 6 pm.  
This took maybe 5 min to draw.  I start with the shoulders when I draw the figures. Judge the angle and draw it with a pen slash. I generally do the same thing with the rest of the figures. Judge the angle of the arm and draw it w 1-2 lines. 

Lettering done with my Pentel brush pen.   I lost my old one somewhere and had to run to Sam flaxs to buy another. Thank goodness for Christmas $$$!!!  Colored with my watercolor pencils. It took longer to color them than to draw them. 

This young man was using his phone. Took off just as I was finishing up. 

The original uncolored pen sketches. I thought u might like to see them. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Day 176 - Sketching at Whole Foods

These were drawn directly with a Noodler Creaper in my Stillman and Birn Alpha. And posted from the middle of I 75 in South Georgia as we drive to Key West. A late start what can I say?? 

Yesterday I went to Whole Foods to pick up some supplements, some magnesium lotion and a green smoothie. 

 A young couple sat down opposite me. The young lady was long and slim her boyfriend very square and wide. Quite the opposites.  

These are a few of the diners who sat opposite me. The lettering was done with my new Isabey #6. I have never had a brush that holds a point so well.  I am in love!! 

  Hopefully I will be able to upload this. I am typing this in the middle of I 75 in south Georgia. 

Thanks for looking. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Day 175 - Hanging out with Ben

My son Ben aka the Patient bought a Playstation 4 and two games because his doctor told him he needed to use his thumb more now that he has a regular cast. He holds still making him a good subject to draw. These were drawn directly with a Noodler Creaper in my Stillman and Birn Alpha. I really like the Alpha. Like it so much bought two more today in different sizes. The game is similar to the  Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The graphics are pretty incredible and require a lot of concentration which keeps him from wiggling as usual. 

I would fix those two unfortunately positioned spikes in the hair but my paint is packed for the drive to key west in the morning.  
Colors - flesh is a touch of alizarin and Quin red watered down a lot, hair is ultramarine blue and burnt umber, greys are  cobalt and raw sienna, pants cerulean and cobalt, and the sweater is piemonite in the darks olive green and green apatite. 
Bear one of his two pit bulls has given up til the game is over and do what Bear does best. Sleeping. Grey on the bed is cobalt and raw sienna. Dog is painted with raw sienna and piemonite. The shadows are ultramarine blue and burnt umber. 

Happy Boxing Day.!! Thanks for looking!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day 174 - Roo Time

Finally getting the Roos painted from my sketchathon at the Atlanta Zoo. Interesting to paint because almost everything was grey. This guy was in charge of the look out. I think it is a male. A very large kangaroo. He was very vigilant.   The greys were made by mixing either cobalt and Quin raw sienna or cerulean with Quin raw sienna for transparency. I don't know about you but I can ge heavy handed and loose that lovely transparency which is what I like about watercolors. They were also painted wet in wet. The very dark blacks were made with ultramarine blue and burnt umber like the nose. The grass is a combo of yellow ochre and Quin raw sienna which is very red. 

Most of the Kangaroos laid around making them not too difficult to draw but the big one in the first pic. He hopped over to the right of the pic and kept moving up and down. So I drew him again both standing up and tipped over. 
Here's the full double page spread. Drawin in my Moleskine watercolour with a fine nib Lamy. Lettering done with my Pentel Brush pen currently missing.  Have you seen it??

Thanks for Looking!! Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Day 173 - the Nutcracker!!

Popped out of bed this am hot toget this done. No idea why the painting is blurry.  It's not on my phone.   Anyway in my Stillman and Birn Alpha drawn with my Noodler Creeper. Cheap pen but I LOVE the lines it makes!!  Noodlers Bulletproof ink. Daniel Smith and Holbein watercolors! 

Just the ink. I drew it with a light grey watercolor pencil which washed away when u paint it. Feel like I cheated.  Oh well!! 

Merry Christmas!! 

Thanks for looking!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 172 - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! One of the new tea pots at Inner Bean cafe. Consider this your card!!🎅🎄🎅

Stillman and Birn Alpha with Noodlers Creaper Ahab Flex and Noodlers Bulletproof Ink. I also used a kuretake brush marker, a silver gel pen and a red tombow marker on the letters as well as the Kuratake on the drawing.  Watercolor?! Hematite for grey,  Quin red, alizarin, manganese blue, cobalt purple,  and cobalt and burnt umber for shadows.  

Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 171 - Lee Anne - A portrait

My youngest sons Christmas present, a watercolor of his lovely wife Lee Anne. I was trying to channel Charles Reid but no luck except with the hair. I even watched his portrait video before I started. It helped but everytime I want to do one I get uptight. Too demanding?! Too stressful at least!!

I started with a good line drawing.

Then an overall wash of cad red and cad yellow medium.

Sorry I didn't take more pics but the process goes pretty quickly once you start painting. I need to set a timer to remind me to breath!!

Final Colors used. Cad red light, raw sienna OR cad yellow medium, cerulean, cobalt, cobalt violet. Burnt sienna in the shadows w a touch of cerulean.

A lot of alla prima painting. That means first strike. Painting it and you are done. I think I spent two - two and a half hours on her total. Loose the edges. Loose all the edges.

Use burnt sienna for the shadows with small amounts of cerulean because it will go opaque.

Largest paint brush possible. Used a fat lovely kolinsky Cheap Joes Legend 12 on the hair, shirt and background and anywhere else I could. And a fat kolinsky sable size 8 where I couldn't use the 12. And a Cheap Joes kolinsky Legend size 4 for the details.

Put the color down and spread it out. Don't mix the colors a lot. That last is the hardest bit. Since I have mixed colors on my pallette for years.

A quick pen sketch of my moms China I know own. Just Flowers by Mikasa.

Thanks for looking. Back to making cheese crackers and knitting scarves. Something I do know how to do!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

170 - Painted the Inner Bean Drawings

Day 170 - thinking hard about quitting at 180. Getting not to be a lot to say.

The Discussion

These two guys were having a political debate. And since this is not a political blog I won't discuss their conversation. The guy on the right was quite aggressive and much bigger than the other guy. Odd that I caught that.

However. I love these sketches painted with watercolor. So far really liking the Stillman and Birn Alpha. It performs well with washed. I just wish it would lay flat. It's a little heavy in my purse but worth it for the great paper.

This page got dirty with ink from the last page. The lettering didn't dry quickly. The lady in red kept hopping up blocking my view of the other two ladies.

This older gentleman kept pursing his lips at his phone. He was waiting for a friend. Should be called Gentlemen who lunch!! I think he needs a second eyebrow oops.

The ladies are my fav. Which is yours? Thanks for looking.

Back to my knitting melt down.

An 8 foot scarf for one of my kids modeled by my jack Russell Zoe.

My sweet granddaughter Livias stocking.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

169 - Painting the Lions

I fm drew them twice. And let me tell you Lions are move. U think they just lay around regally surveying their realm. Not so. Start a drawing and they were going to flop another direction.

First I drew just the lions. Bytw three of them were babies in the spring. Now they all look mature. Can't tell who is the mom.

Then I decided to draw the whole scene. I really like this one best. Which is your favorite?

Tip use a sponge for the tree leaves and splatter greys onto the rocks. Be careful to cover up what you don't want splattered. It does tend to fly around.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, December 19, 2014

168 - Gorillas

If you want an animal that doesn't move I suggest go straight to the gorilla compound. It certainly has changed since the days of Willie B.
A big open field with a huge concrete rope covered tree to climb on. Of course the mature gorillas just sat rarely moving at all.

The youngsters were a different story. The baby in the mothers lap is also the acrobat in the next picture. The male Silverback on the right never moved.

The baby acrobatically crossed the tree and hung suspended from the rope. He would stop and hold his position so he was great to draw.

The double spread of the gorillas.
Thanks for looking.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

167 - Sketching at the Bean

In my Stillman and Birn beta w a Noodler Creeper. My Lamy Safari was on strike. No idea why. Like the lines the Creeper lays down but they are very juicy and wet aka prone to smear. Can't wait to paint these but going to let them dry well first.

Trying to catch a cold so not feeling eloquent today. Alkaseltzer plus is my friend!!!

Two guys arguing politics. The one guy was a lot larger than the other.

An older gentleman who was waiting for a friend. Men do lunch too at the Bean.

Various ladies Lunching at the Bean.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

166 - The Goats are done!!

The children's petting zoo at Zoo Atlanta is a great place. The goats don't try to eat the kids clothes because the children can only use curry combs. No feeding the animals please!!

It's fun to draw and fun to paint too. BIG loaded brush and let the colors mingle on the page.

Cerulean blue shadows on white. Piemonite and cobalt shadows on Quin sienna. Browns can be delicious!!

Blacks are made with ultramarine and burnt umber. Love that combo.

Here's the whole double page spread.

Here they are before I painted them. Which do u like best! Thanks for looking!!