Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 193 - Life model

Wednesday is life modeling day. Calling this Lady in Mink. 

I started with a pencil contouring sketch. 

Then a  flesh colored wash of cad red medium and cad yw light allover her face including the eyes, neck and chest. The Quin Rose was added on cheeks and nose and no hard edges were left on it. 
A Close Up!

The Hair is aureolin and yellow ochre w burnt sienna and ultramarine shadows. The edges of the hair are lost on the shadow side by painting the left edge out. 

Shadows are mostly burnt sienna. Sometimes I added a touch of cerulean to grey them out a little. 

Eyelashes are burnt umber and ultramarine blue. Eyes cerulean w a little burnt umber.  

The mink - burnt sienna and burnt umber and ultramarine blue. Ultramarine blue for the shadows. 

Background cerulean and yellow ochre. 

Tip - Get Charles Reid's portrait video and watch it everytime before you do a watercolor portrait. 👍👍

Thanks for looking!! 

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