Sunday, August 12, 2007

A memory drawing? and the crazy things jack russells do

I drew this one from memory and it has all kinds of problems...jazz's head is too small, the toilet...well the back is the same size as the thats a problem..think i will redraw it from life when i take a nice long bath this afternoon...all i have to do is throw the ball in the toilet and she will sit there for hours wanting it...patiently waiting and waiting...bytw the ball is now in the trash can in the bathroom and i found her another one at school...evidently Aetna passed out these squeezy apples to all the teachers...

The story that goes with this is funny...we have a deep jacuzzi tub which i love to loaf in and read paperback books..currently sucking up all the Laurie R. King books. Anyway jazz brings me money to throw so she can fetch it...and i launch it blindly similar to a pitching machine...she puts it my hand and i flip it whereever....but this time we were using a squishy apple ended up in the toilet...i thought she had gotten tired of our game or couldnt find it and gave up...but when i got out of the tub...she was pointing at the toilet like the RCA VICTOR dogs(also Jack Russells) ...she had been sitting there for at least a half an shes too short to see into the how did she know it was there? she didnt see it go in...she could smell it...thats the only option left....


  1. Hilarious! Dogs are such funny creatures. They never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the good morning giggle.

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I am amazed that you can draw this from memory... I seem to recall that Irene Brady on her blog says that it is easier to draw from memory if you first take your time looking at the subject and then describe it in detail verbally - I have not tried it myself but it sounds interesting...

  3. What a cute story and sketch! :D

  4. I thought this was delightful even with all the flaws which I would not have even noticed had you not pointed them out. Or perhaps I would have had I not been so charmed by the story behind the image.

    Thank you for sharing it!

    (Followed a link through EDM yahoogroup.)

  5. Anonymous2:17 PM

    This is great, even with the flaws, but you were drawing from memory! My goodness. Great job!