Thursday, June 09, 2005

Oh darn I forgot to mention these were made using Dianee Hire's quilt book Quilters Playtime:Games with Fabric. It includes three of her games: Hopscotch, Pick up sticks and Tic Tac Toe. I tried to include Pin the tail on the donkey but could not figure out where to put the tails...but its not quilted YET so theres still time! Posted by Hello


Elle said...

What a fun quilt. I love the colors! I can see the "games" in it.

Deborah said...

Great job. I took a class from Diane. This is a wonderful example of her techniques. Love it!

Dianne S. Hire said...

Okay, I have not choice but to respond to this image...I'm Dianne, BTW:

Oh how I wish I'd had this quilt included in the Quilters PLAYTIME is an exceptional quilt. The colors blow me away as well as how the "blocks/games" are combined. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS BEAUTY...just thanks.