Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Virtual Shop Hop to the Newest Quilt Shop in Augusta GA

Quiltshop on the Corner
428 5th ST. 5th and Telfair
Augusta, GA 3090???:>

This was an old restaurant that was completely gutted and remodeled downtown in the heart of Old Augusta just across from the Richmond County City County Building. It used to be a restaurant but now is a full service quilt shop opened by one of our guild members Kathy Mullis.

Lots of brights, even Thimbleberries...she seems to have alot of just about anything you can want...a ton of black and whites, 30s, african prints. You name it its here!

Amy admiring hmm or is it the sewing machine AMY????:>
Lots of colorful fabrics....they open officially on Tuesday...
do you have your credit cards ready ladies??? AND gentlemen:>
Look real guys go in quilt shops...note the Harley Gear:> Hes even acting like hes looking at some of the great products in this new store.
Drinks and snacks were bountiful and delicious yesterday!

This is the classroom area AND a neat kids play area..aka castle! There are also alot of quilty antiques like the ironing board and the boxes on the right.
Which one shall we make...Dont you hear them whispering oh my goodness look at all the fabrics!!!
The childrens corner...where else but near the play area?

The long arm..forgot to ask if she is selling her services or if she will rent out time on the machine???
Part of the fix up crew...they worked late the nite before to be ready for the Saturday reception....the bench is all thats left of the old restaurant that used to be here.
More fabric...where did all these people come from???? I am not sure what that thing on the right is but i think a sink? very neat!! And Alex Anderson kits on the table.
Get to work ladies!!!
To the left of the front door there is a whole bulletin board full of pictures of the remodel. This place was down to the boards and completely restored by the owners and with some help from their friends...They really did a great lets all go out and support this newest quilt shop in beautiful downtown Augusta!!

NO you cant leave! Even though there is a TERRIFIC fabric selection Kathy has more fabric coming as well as the jobbers for Hoffman coming to place orders really is exciting...Kathy and CO have done a terrific job on this wonderful quilt shop...even the bathroom is wonderful with quilts and a mural...I forgot to take a picture...too busy will have to go yourself to see what is in the bathroom...


YankeeQuilter said...

I'll try and get down there this week...looks like they did a great job!

Rayna said...

You have no idea how lucky you are to actually have a quilt shop that is opening instead of closing. We really have nothing around here. It is very sad. Good thing I print my own - LOL. But even so, there is no place to buy needles and thread. Grrrrr.

Mullismayhem said...

Wow Margaret what a wonderful blog thanks for coming to the open house and for getting the word out!

Helen Marie said...

What a wonderful, charming shop filled with delightful quilts, an abundance of fabric/notions and a cheerful owner. Welcome to Augusta! We need you. I look forward to many happy visits.

Helen Marie

Diana said...

Through the years, I have visited your building for various purposes, but I must say I am looking forward to my next visit even more. Your creative quilting artistry is like a fresh cool breeze in our town. Welcome to Augusta, and I wish you and your family every success!

Dee M said...

Thanks for sharing more information about the new quilt shop in town! Can't wait to make the next road trip to Augusta! (Of course it will still take 2nd place to seeing my grandbabies and kiddos!)

pat sloan said...

Hi!! Just wanted to say thank you for carrying my books... I wrote a post about seeing my book on NBC news online when they did the interview with you

I hope it brings you much traffic!

Pat sloan

Mullismayhem said...

Thanks again for the updates. It is fun to watch the word spread.