About Me

In the last year I swept our local quilt show winning Best of Show, First, Second and Third in Art Quilts, First in Pieced Bed, First in Applique/Mixed and Second in Miniatures.   I also won First Place in Asheville Quilt Show in Art Quilts last summer which was QUITE a thrill since many national caliber art quilters enter this category.

My work has appeared in numerous books and magazines the most recent of which is Dianne Hire's new book Vivacious Curved Quilts .  It is also in art collections through out the world including the Thomas Art Quilt Collection.  My work has appeared in Quilting Arts, Cloth Paper Scissors, and Quiltmaker Magazine as well as on Quilting Arts TV.

I have been sewing like a maniac since as long as I can remember.  Remember those punched cards with yarn to sew them with...that was my first experience...that and stringing buttons which could endlessly entertain me as a child.  Next was embroidery and knitting...my mother believed in keeping our fingers busy!

I first got to use my mom's featherweight in third grade, and it has been vroom vroom vroom ever since.  I once told our local quilt shop owner that I got a ticket for speeding...on my Bernina!!

In my career as an art quilter I have won numerous ribbons and awards.   My very first ribbon was a my blue ribbon for an apron in fourth grade and have been sewing away ever since. I will try to sew anything once...even made a mans wool suit once.

I have three sons...the youngest one just finished his law degree graduating with honors and has a REAL job....yeah...the oldest just got an MBA at Georgia Tech and the middle one the writer teaches English to hedonistic high schoolers at my old high school Academy of Richmond County in Augusta GA and just finished his Masters in Library Science. I also have two dogs one wild Lab Stray Bella whose antics entertain my Facebook friends and one calm Jack Russell Jazz and Tom the quilt cat who is a quilt bead nut cat...he steals the beads, tries to eat my pins and in general is a quilt lover.