Thursday, January 06, 2011

Been so busy creating that

River's Bend - of course fisherman on the Savannah...$150 9" x 21"

I forgot i had not posted to my blog in quite a while...first things first...I have been doing watercolors again...I do LOVE to paint I think better than anything...until I start sewing and then all I want to do is sew and THEN if i get a really great book...hmm all I want to do is read...and DONT send me some cool website because i am going to have to go thru all the art work...

SO given all that...this is a little of what I have been up to!! Sending pictures from my cell phone to my lap top VIA blue more scrabbling around for the camera cables!! WOOHOO...LOVE never know what you will find under those menus!! Click and it may be something really cool...

So here are the other watercolors. All sent via bluetooth from my phone to and then saved to the computer after I manipulated them in picnik. Well, it's so tempting to play with picnik....who can resist? I can't!!

Hunting Island Light house near Beaufort SC
$150 framed in plane black frame and mat 14" x 16"

Hunting Island where I used to spend many happy summers till I married a beach house on Edisto...I mean the owner:>

Foggy Day
$150 framed in plane black frame and mat 14" x 16"

My least favorite...foggy day. I think fog is perhaps the hardest thing to paint.

Edisto Days
$150 framed in plane black frame and mat 14" x 16"

...this picture looks like a hot summers day....

So I also made two quilted jackets and a vest lately as well as quilt...and quilted several quilts for friends for Christmas presents....

Here is one of the jackets almost done....A Wizard of Oz jacket for a friend's granddaughter...the one who got the quilt. She has seen pictures of this and thinks its awesome...I still have to sew the binding on the sleeves and then sew all the binding down. Thank goodness its NOT very big and won't take TOO long!

The back...I lost things like words I had quilted onto the jacket...Glenda the good witch was too near the bottom and had to go! But the words Oz Oz Oz Oz got to stay near Dorothy's picture. This really was a fun jacket to now we are talking about a back pack..would that not be just cute?!!:> BYTW it is quilted all over with circles and stars and of course MAGIC!!!

Since I did a half an hour on the elliptical and loaded the next quilt for quilting on the frame I think it MIGHT be bed time.....hmm but first to post this post to facebook and then twitter it..:>

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