Friday, August 01, 2014

Day 26: Dr Sketchys part 2

As I said yesterday we went sketching a live model...mostly costumed...we warmed up with 5 minute sketches...some were good in retrospect though I thought they were terrible at the time!!!

5 minute sketches

ok...done with pencil a 6B I think..I find this fast live sketching so intimidating especially when I sit by my friend Ruth Pearl whose awesome at these things!! She's been practicing ALOT longer than I have.

5 Minute Sketch

This was my fav of the three...she walked around and made comments...thank goodness I didn't get any bad ones....this live action drawing scares me to death as it is!!

Cat Woman

Queen April's take on Michelle Pfeiffer's Cat Woman pose. A 15 minute sketch...this one turned out well.See how much the red and blue improved the drawings?? Gave it some zing! Of course actually her face is not so narrow and her tummy is narrower!! Got them backwards!!
charcoal and pastel on Canson mixed media paper

15 minute sketch

I think her head's a little big...though she did seem to have a rather large head...she was drop dead gorgeous though...especially for a 49 year old.

And that's a wrap folks till next I said the final Wednesday of the month at Chat Noir 7 pm for fast sketching food fun music and drinks...OH and Prizes!!!

Time to sketch sketch sketch sketch monkeys!!  If you are ever in Asheville check out Dr Sketchys there at the Crow and Skulls. And maybe Queen April will be there supervising...she makes the whole thing great fun!!!

Location:Augusta ga

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