Saturday, August 02, 2014

Day 27 - Painting Skies!

Much more fun when they are blue and loaded with clouds!! 

Grey Skies
Yesterday and today the sky has been grey and raining.  I do get tired of painting rainy skies...but I like the soft delicate colors in this sky. I only had twenty minutes to paint this whole double spread...good to have a time limit so I don't mess with the painting too much.  

I started by washing the sky with water. I painted the sky with cobalt or ultramarine at the top and fade out to cerulean near the horizon. 

Then I added cerulean and yellow ochre all over.  I went back in with a darker mix of cerulean and yellow ocher.  Finally I added a bit of Quinacridone Rose to it ...last I painted the trees...its nice if the paper is still wet to give the trees a soft look on top.

Hmm love the trees but I would crop off some of the dark clouds.  TOO heavy and oppressive.  I have been noting the temp and date on these just well because I can!! The dark greys are painted with ultramarine blue and vermilion or burnt sienna...sometimes I add a touch of purple ....I think these got TOO dark!!

Blue skies...I LOVE the trees in this one...the sky is ok.  It was done by wetting the whole paper down too.  I should have waited till the paper dried but I couldn't wait...a problem I have...impatience to get on with it!

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