Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Day 30: It's done

And waiting to be framed. Also it's going to be in a show at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. That's exciting!! Oh and did I say FoR SaLe if you need it at your house!!

Before I forget I can't believe I actually did it...I have posted daily for a month!! Amazing...at least to me!! I can rarely do anything two days in a row let alone 30 days in a row!!


Adding the other two photos of it so you can see how it's progressed.
In case you were wondering...there was little masking...just on the Star fish on its Ossicles...thats the dots all over the star fish...all the rest of the white...I was just VERY careful to preserve my whites.  

BUT here's a TiP for you - If you do mess up the white background...I would NEVER do that..use a piece of Mr. Clean Eraser for cleaning walls on it...amazing that the paint comes off...totally not a trace!!

Two weeks ago.
Another thing I did on this painting is I used Quinacridones in case you missed that when I posted earlier about this watercolor. Quinacridones are gorgeous in their intense vibrant colors and I think I own all the Daniel Smith's quinacridones...yummy colors. I used the magenta and the sienna.  Lovely colors!

One week ago.
The biggest thing I have trouble with is making the shadows dark enough...stressful because once you go dark it's hard to lighten it!

And here it is again finished.

Sand was made with yellow ochre and cerulean - very light wash.
Then shadowed with cerulean, raw sienna, burnt umber and ultramarine blue.
Then it was splattered with a toothbrush with those same colors.
Finally it was dotted with those colors with the liner brush.  

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Karoda said...

I have attempted daily art practices and typically peak around day 51. Kudos to you!