Wednesday, August 06, 2014

On DaY 31 She Rested - Not!

Sweet Bear, my son's 85 lb pit bull that someone abandoned in East Atlanta. Bear followed him home and wouldn't leave - parking himself on the front porch. Bear knew a good thing when he saw it. A year and a half later he's still there. And yes, Ben tried to fund the owner. No microchip, no lost and found notices.

The sweetest pit bull you ever met. Lucky thing because his head is massive. He's a chow hound and loves to beg drooling while he waits hopefully. Also loves a snuggle on the sofa. He might give you room to sit there too as long as you snuggle him!!

A note or two on how I painted my moleskine...I was trying to loose the edges on the right side using ultramarine blue and burnt umber as the shadows...wet on wet of course...Lately I am in love with cerulean blue sometimes mixed with yellow ochre sometimes not...makes lovely glowy shadows.

OH I used two of Daniel Smith's new granulating colors made from stone...Primateks.  They are quite expensive so only have two tubes so far though I hope to have more.   I used the Piemontite Genuine which is a nice purpley brown on the fur  and Hematite Genuine a nice grey on his nose.

Most of the lettering was done with round kolinsky sable brushes.

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