Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 13! Cactus?

Washi tape fun!!
Did you know you can't paint over washi tape?? Not with Watercolor! But still fun taping alot! One of the reasons I was taping was that my 8 year old wc moleskine was beginning to come apart at the seams.  NOT good.

A double page spread in my watercolor moleskine. A strange cactus my mom gave me a start of years ago. Do you know what kind it is?

 Each of the little branching pieces can form a new plant. Easy to grow. Lots of thorns on each of those branches!  OUCH!!   Use a newspaper to wrap the cactus when you want to transplant to a bigger pot. Hold the newspaper and DON'T touch 

Rarely needs watering.  I water it MAYBE once a the summer it stays out on the backporch. Rarely gets direct sunlight or fertilizer either but it seems to thrive.

Bytw that is my grandmother's McCoy pot.

Oh NO!! Turns out this is a Euphorbia trigona...A Cathedral Cactus or African Milk Tree...and NO I am NOT Xing Cactus out! 


Victoria Bolton said...

What a lovely intricate sketch. Love the pot!

Say It In Color said...

The art, story and McCoy pot from Grandma is so fun!! Wow, what a plant?!