Friday, July 18, 2014

Blogging day TwELvE: Oxford

Yesterday as I sat watching the credits of Brideshead Revisited I realized that this was yet another view of Christ Church, Oxford, England.  I drew the the same buildings, different view in the Morse post a few days ago. Monday I think??

Did that stop me from drawing it again?? NOPE...A slightly tilted view of Christ Church, Oxford, England c. 1981.

Then of course I had to ruminate over the fact that I seem to have been reading or watching British books and tv shows most of my life. My love affair with them started when I was in junior high when we read Dickens and the Bront√ęs.  I have no idea how many times I have read Jane Eyre.

 My friend Melissa Metcalfe also introduced me to Agatha Christie about that time.  I still LOVE to read cozy British murder mysteries though lately its Anne Cleves and Kate Morton. 

I LOVE Masterpiece Mystery-Endeavour, Morse, Inspector Lewis, to name but a few of my favs...all the Miss MaRpLe incarnations and PoIrOt of course.  My mom introduced me to Upstairs Downstairs in the 70s and I have been watching Masterpiece ever since.  

And as one of my first graders said...thats ALL I gOt!! 


Diane Perin Hock said...

I totally agree with you. Give me a good old BBC series any day...

Maria Luisa Naval said...

Waoooooooo...i love your sketch!