Monday, July 14, 2014

Day NiNe?! Inspector Morse

Oops its just day eight...if I change the title the hotlinks already posted will not work.

Love the old BBC Series Inspector Morse and the new version Endeavour. I drew a double page spread while I was watching last nite's episode.

This is loosely based on the opening of last night's Endeavour.
This is painted with mostly transparent colors.  Quinacridone Sienna for the rusty colors and mixed with cobalt for some of the greys.  The other greys were made with cerulean and ochre. WC in my moleskine.

Morse's famous Jaguar MK2 sedan. Used to date a guy at UGA that had a burgundy version. A sweet car with burled walnut leather interior.
The red is Daniel Smith Pyrrole Red.

Lately my iPhone is not defaulting to normal. Everytime I take a pic with it I have to correct the color. Annoying. No idea why.

I do like this off color version.

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Violet Cadburry said...

Your drawing are fabulous! LOVE the jaguar. My husband and I also watch have captured the essence of mystery of that production.