Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Day 94 - Paper Comparison

I received a sample pack of Stillman and Birn art journal/sketch book paper a week ago. Today I got it out to give it a test run.

It had five sheets of paper in it. Two were lighter weight and though they may be appropriate for mixed media a watercolor wash would not work on them. They are not heavy enough.

I decided to paint two pumpkins on each of them - a Cinderella a red pumpkin and Baby Boo - a small white pumpkin.  I used the same colors over and over.

Stillman & Birn 180# Papers
Top - Beta
Bottom - L - Delta, R - Zeta

All three of the heavy 180# papers were great to paint on.  The colors were rich and vibrant NOT chalky as on some watercolor paper journals.  The paint loved the paper.  

I will be purchasing the white Beta (top of photo) paper journal for a few reasons. The bright white color of the paper is the #1 reason and the weight of it.   As a friend says no one wants to paint a snow pic on cream paper like the delta (bottom left) which otherwise is lovely paper. 

Also I can use a chunk of Mr Clean Eraser on it to remove paint.  I am a messy painter and tend to smear my paint accidently!!  (Think  put my hand down on wet paint and then move my hand OOPS...blotches!!) I did this on the cream paper and the Zeta paper.  The Mr. Clean Eraser took it right off the Delta but the Zeta which is a lovely smooth white paper oh so nice to paint on...well it peeled the paper up!! OOPS!! I didnt even rub it very hard so thats a NO go!!!

All of the paper did not dry flat when painted on though none buckled badly.   I did not tape it down nor was it stretched.  The white Zeta was the flattest when dry.  The other two were about the same..not wrinkly but just not flat when dry.

UPDATE:  I stuck all three pages in my old sketchbook and they are now flat.  I had thought they might flatten out and they did!!

I also painted a fourth painting on Strathmores Mixed Media journal that I own.  I was NOT happy with the paper at all. It behaved like a hot press...the color once applied did not move EVER again. You could not erase it...if you messed up you were done. I do like a nice tough  surface that takes a little scrubbing...definitely NOT the Strathmore Mixed Media Journal. You say WHAT no photo of the pumpkins?? Heck no...they were awful!! Talk to you later!!

Thanks for looking in!!


Lucy Hanson said...

Thank you for pointing out how each paper reacted to the eraser and showing the color comparisons. I have been unhappy with my journal for watercolor (fine for pencil & pen), so I will try the S&B line next.

LucyJartz said...

Thank you for comparing practical things like amount of buckling and how you flattened it, and erasure, and color differences. I have been okay with my journal for pencil & pen, but hated it for watercolor, but I may try S&B next.