Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Day 93 -A card and some pens

Pens used:
Copic Markers, Pitt Pens, Kuratake Pen, Red and Blue Tombow pens  

I made my dad this card for his 92nd birthday. The dog is dads schnauzer Shad. I did this from a pic of him. He hates having his pic made and you can tell if you look at this sketch. Deer caught in the headlight look.

I thought I would show you how I made the card.

I have been doing quick pen sketches on index sized cardstock for a while.  Usually drawing them in pen as this one was done..no pencil which is always scary to me...

I cut the cardstock down a smidge to fit on the cards I bought for 50% off at Michaels.

I put the cardstock on top of the card and eyeball size.  You DO NOT have to use a ruler. If you screw up you are out of a small tiny piece of paper...not lots of $$

I flip it over and trace a line on the cardstock by drawing around the card.

I then glue the cardstock down with the closest glue stick. I have several!! And NO I dont worry about is it archival...just if it will glue that heavy cardstock down and keep it down.

And that's how I make a card.  I used to go thru the process of cutting up watercolor paper and folding it and trying to find an envelope to fit.  Using this box of premade cards with envelopes is SO much easier!! And Cheaper..I think there are 50 in this box so its about 10 cents a card.

L-R Copic Pen, Zig Wink of Stella, Pitt Pen, Tombow Pen, Pitt Pen fine point

Pens. I am the queen of collecting pens.  These are some of my top current favorites which of course can change right??!

 I got the huge copic markers for $1 each in the scratch and dent bin at Michaels. They are great for lettering though I mostly use them for coloring.  I may have to get MORE of these jewels.  

The white pen is a Wink of Stella by Zig.  These are opalescent or glittery and are gorgeous. Add a little bling to anything.Expensive BUT you could indulge in a gold one and an white one and use it over your other markers for  a little sparkle.

Pitt Pens - used them for years for drawing or coloring. They last forever , are archival and don't wash out. I have used them for drawing on fabric because they are india ink they never run.  Important on fabric. 

My Kuratake pens - I have four of them. They are awesome...different widths. Also permanent so you can add a watercolor wash over it.

Tombow pens...fun because they are not waterproof and you can use them like watercolor if you add ink to them.  

The last pen on the left is another pitt drawing pen.  These are great because they last forever and I can't kill the tips like I do Pigma Pens.  I hate to think of how many Pigma Pens I have killed the first time I drew with them. NO MORE Pigma Pens.

Pentel Brush Pen, Varsity Fountain Pens
I almost forgot these. My TOP favorite brush pen is my Pentel pen on the left. I do ALOT Of lettering with it on my journal pages.  Any of the "titles" are usually done with this pen...makes great artsy lines.

Varsity pens...do I use them? Not alot YET....I had to pull them out of hiding. BUT I love the variety  of delicious colors, don't you??  I hear you can draw all kinds of things with them so I have to put up my pitt pens and give these a whirl. 

Most of these pens were bought at Binders in Atlanta off Peachtree Rd. 

Go forth and buy pens!! You won't be sorry!!

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