Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 116- Dr Sketchys Part 1

As usual Dr Sketchys AntiArt School at Chat Noir downtown was a lot of fun. It's always the last Wednesday of the month if you want to join one near you.  They take place literally ALL over the world and are alot of fun..wild music off the wall models, prizes!!  Last night it was quick sketching of a guy who styles himself as a sideshow freak Arsin Sideshow.  He started off cracking his bull whip in an ear piercing sound.  Then he went on to put a nail in his nose with a hammer...I couldn't look!!

Arsin Sitting on a drum?!
Five minute sketch

Poses were odd as usual. We started with two minute sketches and then went on to longer and longer ones...I think this was a five minute sketch but I am not sure. ...he was actually leaning forward sitting on a drum with a wrench.  I drew it with pen from beginning to end...daring for me!! I DO love My Pencil BUT I was trying to follow Melanie Reim's suggestions from sketchbookskool

I drew him first with my Lamy pen filled with Noodler's Eelskin Ink.  I colored him in with my Pentel brush pens...the one with black permanent ink and the ones with water based ink...grey, black and brown.  I like the way it turned out...I think I got the proportions right...hard to say when he's sitting on a drum.  After I finished drawing Arsin I went back and filled in the details with the grey pen ...then I emphasized areas with the black pen....too much under his chin.  I also filled in the background with the grey pen and used the water pen that comes with them to brush the grey...OH I did this in my sketch moleskine.  Really like the way the grey I kept using it...I added some of the waterbased black as a sort of graffitti like one of my favorite artists, David Kassan, does in his paintings. 

Arsin as a Stilt Creature

We came back from break to see a huge creature swaying on the stage..He was on stilts and completely covered in black fabric that was layered  with grey cheese cloth with huge holes in it.  He also had on a white china mask. 

This also was completely drawn with pens.  My lamy pen did a good job on this one I think.  I started with it...drew the shape, the mask, filled in the cheese cloth strings.  I again used the permanent black pentel brush pen to emphasize the holes the legs and other places with dark dark black...also the lettering.  Next i went over it with the grey waterbased brush pen.  I filled in the background with the brown one and used some dark blue art stix for the shadow. Actually like the way he turned out..weird but interesting to draw...and not very hard to draw!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 115 - Playing with my new Lamy pen

Did a fast sketch of Zoe with my new Lamy pen in my moleskine. And journaled about what she might be thinking and my terrible horrible no good very bad day in which my new car got a scratch in the process of changing the tire. Yes there was a nail in my tire. Hopefully it's covered.

Back to the sketch. I decided to paint it with watercolor and for some reason it bubbled up on the paper as I painted her Mohawk. Kind of like the effect.

Hopefully the night will be more fun. We are off to dr sketchys Antiart school. Stay tuned for more.
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 114 - Practice

Evidently I need more!!!

Canson Monteval paper
I broke two rules I shouldn't have- made the head small instead of at least 4" tall and block in the figure first- Legs are cut off!! Oopps!!!  Making the head too small makes it hard to paint.  I DO Like that I lost the edges on the back of the figure...Next time I need to draw the head BIGGER!!!

PS I like the chair too!!

I do like the hand!! Maybe I will just draw hands!!  Yes I know its missing one finger...she does have five...but the pinkie was not showing...

Sort of a contour drawing...a modified one!

Initial sketch. Oops should have done a better job of it too but I was sneak drawing my sister Jan. Now she can shoot me. Next time I will do a better job. Promise!!!

Thanks for looking!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 113 - oops almost forgot!!

Too busy painting on this full sheet watercolor!!!

Looking Glass Falls Creek

Detail. I like the trees. All the nuances of shadings.

The rocks. I love the rocks. But I don't like how neat the leaves in the crevices are. Leaves aren't than neat.

These trees look great but I put the highlight on the wrong side. DUH!!

A lot to do but it's coming along.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 112 - My Scarborough Boy

My Scarborough Boy

I got him out to show my parents and thought not so bad. Not finished so more opportunities to mess up!! The face is not done. The shadows are one example. Too dark!!

Here's a closeup of the face I painted. 
Off to a good start. Even Charles Reid thought so.

I think the hand I painted looks super!!

Charles Reid 's Scarborough Boy

I have a long way to go...practice practice practice!!