Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 56 - How I paint a lab

Evidently I can't count.  Today is the 56th day of blogging. I have TWO Day 54s...hmmm

Anyway today I painted my lab Honey again. And this is how I painted her.

First I drew Honey and the bowl.  Then I painted the black leaving space for the highlights.  The rag rug presented quite a challenge.  First I started with dabs of all the colors in it leaving alot of white.  The colors got lighter as they receded. 

Next I painted over her fur with Indigo sometimes it was quite watered down.  Other times it was fairly thick. The bowl was done with yellow ochre, letters Piemonite, shadows cobalt and burnt umber as was the inside.

I was surprised how well the rag rug was turning out. After the colors dried I added different strengths of grey to fill in some of the whites.  Then I went back and added some cerulean for very subtle shadows around the dog to loose some of the edges.

After days with no clouds I painted a quick sky painting before I painted Honey.  I do like those granulating primatek greens for tree paintings.  

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 54 - Live Drawing at USC Aiken

Most Saturdays Prof. Al Beyer has a life drawing class in his studio.  Today we went.  This is what I have done so far!!


I seem to always get on the shadow side during life drawing lately...well for the long poses....and I like her head...but that shadow on her chest has to go...tomorrow I hope!! Shorten the right arm...oops...thats easy!! Other than that and some tweaking I think she's done. 

 Maybe a purple or vermilion cloth on the chair?! The blue kind of gets lost.

Thanks for looking!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 53 - Dr. Sketchy's -How many Sketches??

I think ten...all fast quick til the very end.  I didn't realize how many we had done till I started cleaning up some of the chalk dust yesterday getting ready to spray them with affixative.  No wonder I was tired...stress from public live drawing with some really terrific artists (equals not wanting to screw up!!) and a very full busy day AND a pile of brain was WORN out!!

Hope you are not tired yet!! Here are a few more sketches!! Her partner whom we did not sketch were dressed as automatons.  Her partner had intricate makeup and acted like he was woundup. Very interesting! She was the one who wound him up.

 Here she is acting flirty with the automaton's hat.  She was actually much prettir than this!! This one could have been great but she kept slumping and wiggling...the hat was moving the whole time as was her head!! OOPS!!!
Hard to draw a moving model!! Her poses were lovely but she couldn't hold them!! 

This is a closeup.  I think it was a ten minute sketch. Alot to do in TEN MINUTES!!

My favorite sketch but again she wiggled ALOT!! Love the mask and the plumes!!

This was another ten minute sketch.  She was very nervous and stiff,  and I think both of our stress levels show...what was I thinking of drawing that fan like that?!! That's what happens when you draw a picture flat on the table!!


This was the 20 minute pose...We were supposed to draw her as an automaton and all my tired brain could think of was draw strings on her like a marionette...duh wheres the automaton ...and ad a key and some bolts at her joints to make her puppet like...hmmm what was I thinking??? Actually I really hated to mess up what was a nice sketch...oh well!! And then it was time to go home...another evening of too much fun!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 53 - Dr. Sketchy's

Last nite was the monthly Dr. Sketchy's AntiArt School.  As usual it was ALOT of fun.  The evening is full of contsts and challenges...sketching is fast and loose with multiple poses.  Starts off with five minute poses and ends with 20 minute poses.  None of course were long enough for me to give our lovely model Jessica justice.  Jessica is a burlesque dancer/artist but not in the sense we think of a burlesque dancer but a performer in the old tradition of say the Moulin Rouge...slightly naughty performances but clothed.  

The biggest problem I had last nite was that since Jessica was not an artist model she had trouble holding the poses and seemed to actually collapse so I felt like I was always trying to chase her with my drawing...not easy to do in the short periods we had to draw.  Next time I am going to try to draw her piece by piece  aka the head, the arm, the hand instead of a more typical overall approach.  

We started off with this pose to draw in five minutes.  A tough one and I dont think I did her loveliness justice.  I wish I could have taken a  photo so I could have redrawn her because I loved her poses and this one was lovely to look at.

 Next five minute pose. She was upside down in the chair.  Crazy but fun!! And a definite challenge to draw. This one I think turned out fairly well...just very sketchy!

Ten minutes...way to complicated for me to get all of her done in ten minutes.  Perhaps I should have just done her head! OPPS!! 

Another ten minute pose - Think this one turned out fairly well too...Its all a learning process right?? She had started her collapsing yet...I can't imagine Doing either of the first two poses for five minutes and still have another hour and a half to go.

So will Ruth and I do it again next month...of course!!! We LOVED it!!  Drawing, contests, food, drinks, great music...what more could a girl ask for??

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 52 - Tom posing

It occurred to me that my cat Tom is a specialist in 2-3 minute life poses.  Last nite and today he flopped himself down near me where I had a good view of him and continually shifted as he cleaned himself up ...loves to lick his paws endlessly.  His hind legs are now squeaky clean.  This morning he flopped down on the rag rug in the kitchen and started all over again.

Heres the black and white version in my moleskine.  Done with a random inkpen and my red and black red is Zig Wink of Stella pens...pearlescent brush pens.  I glued down a piece of the paper moleskines come with over a sketch that was a bust.

When I came home I decided Tom needed a little color...and I added more of the red Zig Wink of Stella as well as the Black Zig Wink of Stella brush pen.   Colors are the usual...cerulean and cobalt, cad yellow, ochre, Quinacridone sienna and Daniel Smith Primatek Piemonite.  I think Piemonite is such a useful can be purple or a brown. It's transparent, makes great shadows or brindle on a pit bull.  

Today's Dr. Sketchys AntiArt School.  Guess what I will be posting tomorrow??! 7:00 tonite at Chat Noir!! Come join the fun!!