Friday, August 01, 2014

Day 26: Dr Sketchys part 2

As I said yesterday we went sketching a live model...mostly costumed...we warmed up with 5 minute sketches...some were good in retrospect though I thought they were terrible at the time!!!

5 minute sketches

ok...done with pencil a 6B I think..I find this fast live sketching so intimidating especially when I sit by my friend Ruth Pearl whose awesome at these things!! She's been practicing ALOT longer than I have.

5 Minute Sketch

This was my fav of the three...she walked around and made comments...thank goodness I didn't get any bad ones....this live action drawing scares me to death as it is!!

Cat Woman

Queen April's take on Michelle Pfeiffer's Cat Woman pose. A 15 minute sketch...this one turned out well.See how much the red and blue improved the drawings?? Gave it some zing! Of course actually her face is not so narrow and her tummy is narrower!! Got them backwards!!
charcoal and pastel on Canson mixed media paper

15 minute sketch

I think her head's a little big...though she did seem to have a rather large head...she was drop dead gorgeous though...especially for a 49 year old.

And that's a wrap folks till next I said the final Wednesday of the month at Chat Noir 7 pm for fast sketching food fun music and drinks...OH and Prizes!!!

Time to sketch sketch sketch sketch monkeys!!  If you are ever in Asheville check out Dr Sketchys there at the Crow and Skulls. And maybe Queen April will be there supervising...she makes the whole thing great fun!!!

Location:Augusta ga

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 25 - Dr Sketchys Anti Art School

Last nite Ruth, Tom and I went to Dr Sketchys Anti Art School at Chat Noir downtown. THE best fun. A lot of FAST sketching. 5 min poses up to one 20 min pose. The model wears costumes.  Ruth and I decided that it was THE best fun we had sketching EVER....Wild music...a artsy crowd...Monthly the  last Wednesday  at Chat Noir @7pm.

Most of my sketches were charcoal/conte crayon with touches of my friend's Ruth's pastels which she kindly loaned.

Here's the original Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School. Molly Crabapple started in it NYC as an antidote to the staid life drawing classes in most art schools. The models run a wide range of life models to burlesque dancers.  Last month the model was a local belly dancer.  Dr. Sketchys is all over the world so check the site and see if there's one near you.

Queen April

A tough assignment.  Draw with your nondominant hand a sketch of April, Queen of Asheville NC's Dr. Sketchys which is held monthly at the Crow and Skull. Drawn completely with my left hand. At first it was very difficult but after you got into the swing of it it became easier...and I like the spidery wispy lines because I was so tentative in my work.  I borrowed Ruth's blue and red pastels. Thanks RUTH!!

I actually won the contest. Free sketch nite at Dr Sketchys Anti Art School and two art monkey stickers.

Queen April's birthday card

Another assignment. Draw her a birthday card. Sorry the photo's not better but I gave it to her so NO redoes! Doesn't do the juicy colors of the pastels justice.
She had had a recent birthday so our last class assignment was to make her a birthday card.  Next time I am bringing my own colors because I had to borrow Ruth's pastels once again!! They really made this one I think!!

My favorite. Might have been 10 min sketch. This one actually looks alot like her. Fabulous blue and black hair. Once again I borrowed  Ruth's blue and red pastels....juicy colors!! 

More tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 24 - Blogbombing?? Is there such a thing?

Only six more days till I have been blogging daily for a month...was I blogbombing???  I mean if you can yarn bomb why not blogbomb??  Anyway the weather has cooled off...a touch of the fall to come in the air...perfect weather for Urban Sketching in the usually sizzling July streets of Augusta GA!

East on 8th

I dropped my netflix disk off at the local USPS and this is what I saw as I turned out of the parking lot onto Eighth street.  An interesting view.  So I pulled back into the USPS parking lot and drew it.  

The church is First Presbyterian.  Love the look of a gleaming white steeple  against a blue blue sky.  The grey building is the Lamar Building  (formerly the Southern Finance building) and the odd modern penthouse top was designed by I.M. Pei back in the 70s.  

In my moleskine, watercolor and Pitt Pen.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day TwEnTyThReE- Seashells Nearly Done!!

I am hoping to make it to thirty consecutive posts...only 6 more I think!! Daily posting gets to be like ALOT of work.  I need a nap but NO time!!! 

Now it's a challenge to see it thru  a month of posting...hopefully I will keep posting a few times a week after that!!

The Seashells NOW

I really love the way the seashells are coming along.  I still have to add the sand and do a little more to the drift wood but I am QUITE happy with it at this point!! 

The thing I like about painting seashells is that no one knows that my starfish, my lettered olive or my scallop shell is not exactly like the original because there are no two identical long as you are in the one will know the difference...what I don't like is all the 100 finicky layers of sheer color BUT I DO love the result...the glow you get from it!!

Thinking about putting it over my bed unless YOU want to buy it!! It's approximately 15x20".

The seashells last time you saw them...just for's been getting tweaked in between all the working in my moleskine watercolor sketching/journaling.

TIP : Got the rust colored stain off above the drift would with a Mr. Clean eraser. If you look its no longer in the almost done pic...the first pic in this post.They are GREAT for removing stray watercolor blobs!! I cut them up into small pieces and wet them ...wipe away gently at the offending watercolor and it disappears without messing the paper up...well as long as its good watercolor paper. LOVE that Mr. CLeaN!!

Monday, July 28, 2014