Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 191 - Sketchbook Skool homework

Homework Draw outside. Hmm it was very cold. 14 degrees. So I sat in the car and drew. Where there's a will there's a way right?!
The fountain at DJ and Co. It outgrew the page. I had intended it to fit on one ove. HaHAHAHA. I could not get it on the page this way. It outgrew it.  Oops.  Better planning needed. 

I then got the brilliant idea to color all that white space yellow. BIG mistakes.  The lettering was done with Noodlers Bulletproof Ink. It went crazy smearing. Finally I taped a new sheet of paper over it.  First I painted it yellow and THEN I letters it. 

After this disaster I drew another. 

I actually painted this one first.  I usually paint when I get home. Normally I would paint the failure first to try out colors. DUH not this time.  Got the bright idea to paint the background a dark cobalt to make the fountain pop. The letters ran. DUUUHHH. Finally I painted the background with cerulean mixed with Winsor permanent white gouache. Better but still not
Great. I may redraw this one yet!  Maybe in pencil for the other homework assignment?! 
Trying to do a journal page or two about what I did during the week. More Danny Gregory homework?! 

And this guy. Well it didn't have to be buildings did it? Drew him in the middle of a local Cafe. He reminded me
So much of The Donald so I had to draw him!  

Thanks for Looking!!

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