Thursday, October 09, 2014

Day 95 - Sketchbook Making Part 1

Today I meant to quilt my grandsons quilt. Instead I painted a pumpkin comparison on a piece of my Kilimanjaro. #140 lb cold press. Slightly rough. I have used it for years and found it very forgiving, nice bright white. A crispy sound to it. Lovely stuff. Even better I have 25+ sheets of it. It passed the good paper test.

Kilimanjaro top left. Stillman andbirn and Birn Zeta top right.

Watercolor paper 3 sheets
24" ruler
PVA glue
Mat board for inside covers
Paper or Fabric to cover boards, Outside and inside
A piece of fusible baseball hat brim stabilizer for the spine.
Wax thread, needle to fit wax thread
1 piece of Quadrille Paper
Hole Maker

I ripped up 5 sheets to get 30 pieces 5 3/4x16 to make a landscape sketchbook moleskine size.

First I measure a 5 3/4 x 16" rectangle.  I have five across the length and one horizontally across the width.  I ONLY mark tic marks I DO NOT draw the entire line on the paper.  I have a long ruler that I used for quilting to make these books.

I rip my paper by holding down the ruler as I slowly tear off the shorter piece of paper.  I start with the long horizontal strip which makes one page.

Here's a stack of my pages before I folded them.

Be careful you cut the pages the right size...this ruler with the extra half inch has messed me up more than once...grrr....

Heres the mat board part of the cover and some of the pages.

I fold all the pages in half, creasing the spines with a ruler or my bone knife.  Be sure whatever you use is clean!!

Sometimes the pages don't rip perfectly straight.  I dont care if there are little lumps or they are slightly off.  If you care you can use a rotary cutter or a box cutter to cut your pages.  I just like the deckled look of the ripped pages.
Here are all my pages ripped and ready to be made into signatures.

These are two sketchbooks I made a few years back but they are filled with Strathmore drawing paper NOT watercolor paper.

Here's the cover and the inside fabric that I chose for one of the sketchbooks.  Tomorrow I will finish putting it together.  

Thanks for looking....I am really pleased with the way my sketchbooks have turned out this time.  

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