Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 96 - Sketchbook Part 2

This is one of the two sketchbooks that I made.

Here's the book with just the cover.

This is the layout of the inside with the cover on.  The cardboard pieces are 6x8". There is one on each side of the book.   The spine is reinforced with fusible baseball hat liner which is available at any cloth store..  However you could use book tape too for the spine. I just don't like it. Not very attractive.

Miter the corners. Fold the extra fabric from the cover over the cardboard and spine fabric and glue it down.  I used my Roxannes glue baste it but I would use the PVA next time I make one.  It's very tough and indestructible glue. Once glued there are no do overs like there is with either glue stick or the Roxannes.  

Then glue a long piece of fabric on the inside. 6"x18" or so.
Cover the boards completely with the PVA glue.  Use a scrap of paper to spread it as evenly as you can. Then glue the fabric down.

Marking the signatures.

Clip the signatures together to make the hole punching easier.

Use the quadrille paper to mark the holes you will punch in each signature.  There are three rows of holes.  The easiest way is to make all the holes in rows across the quadrille paper. One dot per row.  One vertical row is for each signature.  If you have three signatures you need three vertical lines of dots...or three dots in each row.  The pattern on my paper will allow you to sew a chevron pattern on the outside which is fun.

My book hole punch which I probably bought at Michaels with a coupon, a small hammer and an old cutting board I ruined punching holes.  Use a scrap of wood NOT a black walnut cutting board ubless you don't want to use it anymore.

Punch these same holes THRU the spine to the outside of the book.  It will make the sewing easier.  

One last thing.  

Here is the signature marked to punch the holes in it.

Thread your waxed linen thread on a large needle.  And sew thru the holes.  Leave a LONG tail so you can tie it to the other tail after you are done stitching.  I usually leave it under the top of the middle signature.  Stitch from hole to hole using pamphlet stitch which is merely going from the inside and back to the outside and back again.  Pamphlet stitch is similar to childrens sewing cards...if a preschooler can do it so can you!!

I decorated alot of the sketchbooks I make with hand made paper beads that I made a while back. Alot of fun to make.  Directions are on my blog in an old post.  I run the extra tails of thread thru the holes and then thru the beads.  Tie the thread around the beads and then pull the ends back into the beads clipping the thread off.  I also added extra thread thru the threads on the back of the spine so I could add more beads...can't have enough bling right?!!

L- Top view of book so you can see the signatures.  R- A view of the beads tied onto the book spine.

The other sketchbook I made last nite. The title paper is made by smearing and splattering watercolor on a scrap of watercolor paper.  Then I wrote the word Scrapbook with a permanent pen.  Let it dry and glued it down with PVA.  Added the dog snack bowl on top to weigh the paper down while it dried. It will NEVER come loose.

I made this sketchbook a few years ago.  The book is reinforced with the baseball cap fusible. Buttonhole stitched around with handdyed embroidery thread.  Easy to do..Brand new but it's full of nice heavy drawing paper NOT watercolor paper.

This book was made the same way and yes its full of drawing paper NOT watercolor paper.

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