Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 97 - Life Modeling

Fun day at life model group at USC Aiken. Two hours of work work work and fascinating conversations during the breaks.  Erica is a great model.  Most of the time I can capture her likeness without a problem...NOT today....Still not happy with her but her she is at least for tonite...NO more working on her. Maybe tomorrow I will paint her face out and start over again.

So what have I changed?? Her chin was a hair too long. I shortended it...her nose was wrong her lips were wrong...her eyes well they were a mess. I shaved millimeters off the width of her face. Maybe next time I will just paint her face...and nothing else?!! Options you know!?

I do like her body now...and the background.

Here's a detail of her face.

I am pretty happy with her hands...

Here's what she looked like when I brought her home...just tiny things wrong with her...but the tiny things make the difference dont they.  I will look at her again tomorrow when I am not so tired!!

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