Sunday, July 20, 2014

DaY 14 - Zoe's turn!

Thanks to everyone who's been checking my blog. It's truly amazing and inspiring!!

Been working on this double page spread for a few days.

Zoe and Tom

My Jack Russell Zoe and cat Tom continually jockey to see who can snuggle closest to me on the sofa. Here they both are trying to push me off the sofa!!

I like the loose juicy watercoloriness of this page.

Zoe's Story

This is Zoe's story. A pound puppy but a true princess. She thinks it's all about her. She's the best trained sweetest JR I have ever had and we've had a lot!! She sits, stays and best thing she does is DANCE like a circus dog.  I have been known to take her to local art fairs and show off her talents...hmm I should put out a hat to collect $$, shouldn't I?!  She's also very fond of dressing up and requires a scarf and collar at all times.  If the scarf falls off while she's playing she will try to nose it back on.  I don't know how somebody could leave her at the pound but THANK YOU previous owners!!

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