Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Andrea Wilson Gallery

The Andrea Wilson Gallery

I am so excited...Andrea Wilson invited me to be a member of her gallery - I met her when I started asking her questions about some art quilts she is selling in her gallery. We got into quite the art discussions over the next three four days before I had to leave.

The Andrea Wilson Gallery
725 Buckhorn Road
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
Phone: 865-325-8146

--located in Hemlock Village beside the G. Webb Gallery & Highland Craft Gallery at the corner of Glades Road and Buckhorn Road on the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Loop off Hwy 321. Stop by if you are in the Gatlinburg area.

Andrea with some of my art work!

Andrea represents many members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild so I am in prestigious company. She has also won many awards for her beautiful botanical watercolors and etchings. In addition she has taught at
as well as a classes for the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage in Gatlinburg and the Great Smokies National Park.

Andrea's etchings and watercolors are in this corner. I LOVE them both!

My favorite etching Shortia Glacifolia won the Award for Drawing and Prints at the Thirteenth Annual International Juried Artists Exhibit by the American Society of Botanical Artists and Horticultural Society of New York in September 2010.

Hand painted furniture, hand knits and watercolors!

I have been in her gallery at least three times now and am amazed at the variety of outstanding work she has in the small space. Click on the pictures to see the work better....she does mail order!!

And don't forget to check out the incredible antique crazy quilt under her desk. The woman was QUITE an embroiderer. Its a lovely crazy quilt.

Jewelry and some wonderful black and white ink paintings of cats by another Hunt!

Art Quilts on this on the pic to see!

An eclectic mix of wonderful artwork!

The Andrea Wilson Gallery


caseytoussaint said...

That's exciting news - Congratulations!

Wen Redmond said...

Looks like a terrific gallery!
My dear daughter is moving to Boone NC this fall and I will be going to visit- so maybe I can catch this gallery!
Good Luck!

Karoda said...

Congratulations Margaret! The Gallery looks cozy and comfortable...perfect for browsing and relaxed buyers.

Lorri Lee Chambers said...

Gee Wiz ....You did it...I am so proud of you ...keep up the good work...

Yes Mam! Fiber Art said...

Better late than never to congratulate you--it looks like a wonderful place for your wonderful work!