Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 171 - Lee Anne - A portrait

My youngest sons Christmas present, a watercolor of his lovely wife Lee Anne. I was trying to channel Charles Reid but no luck except with the hair. I even watched his portrait video before I started. It helped but everytime I want to do one I get uptight. Too demanding?! Too stressful at least!!

I started with a good line drawing.

Then an overall wash of cad red and cad yellow medium.

Sorry I didn't take more pics but the process goes pretty quickly once you start painting. I need to set a timer to remind me to breath!!

Final Colors used. Cad red light, raw sienna OR cad yellow medium, cerulean, cobalt, cobalt violet. Burnt sienna in the shadows w a touch of cerulean.

A lot of alla prima painting. That means first strike. Painting it and you are done. I think I spent two - two and a half hours on her total. Loose the edges. Loose all the edges.

Use burnt sienna for the shadows with small amounts of cerulean because it will go opaque.

Largest paint brush possible. Used a fat lovely kolinsky Cheap Joes Legend 12 on the hair, shirt and background and anywhere else I could. And a fat kolinsky sable size 8 where I couldn't use the 12. And a Cheap Joes kolinsky Legend size 4 for the details.

Put the color down and spread it out. Don't mix the colors a lot. That last is the hardest bit. Since I have mixed colors on my pallette for years.

A quick pen sketch of my moms China I know own. Just Flowers by Mikasa.

Thanks for looking. Back to making cheese crackers and knitting scarves. Something I do know how to do!!

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