Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Two little sketches for your review and pleasure:>

Yesterday we made indian and pilgrim costumes. The indians deerskin was made from paper bags...the kids and I were drawing...R for rat...I had to teach them how to draw a there lay all these cut outs from the armholes..didnt want to waste them. Drew a rat on one and used the paper bag handles for the kids rat tails...they loved that...BUT while they were drawing off and on I was drawing...on some more paperbag scraps...not the best...dont look like the kids...they wiggle too much...BUT they would also know who they were if i showed them to

Ink pen crayon and pigma pen...on paper bag

Usually I am drawing scooby doos and princesses cats and dogs..hmm think i said that already...since it was my bday I drew something for me...


Teri C said...

So cute! I know these children had a ball doing all this.

Happy birthday too!

Susan said...

Gosh, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were a teacher. =) No one else would care about wasting paper bag scraps! LOL!

I love your drawings. I've had little girls with those waterfall pony tails and little boys with that mischievous glint in the eye. I think you did a gret job.

And then there's this other side of you that gets artwork into Houston!

Susan said...

BTW, I hope you had a very happy birthday!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Maggie! and by the way, I LOVE the photoshopped photo of's great!

Cheers, and have another (wine, cookie, drawing, whatever) to celebrate an extended birthday!

Cheers, Sarah