Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More fun with polymer clay

These are made almost exclusively from sculpey..the flesh colored kind...and then painted...some need repair...they are very old ..well for sculpey...made about 20 years ago when i first discovered it after going to Christmas in the South. The kids and I had spent days making salt flour ornaments only to have them disintegrate in the attic over the summer...so I started making sculpey ornaments...which lead to sculpey santas..then i started selling sculpey objects like hotcakes and buying it by the 25 lb loads....

These are some of the first Santas I made....i think the green might be green sculpey III...all are made like the angel yesterday...a cone of sculpey decorated like a Santa...the taller ones are about 6 inches high. These used to sell for about $25.

These were also made about the same time...from Sculpey 3...tall Santa is about 8 inches tall and made from regular sculpey.

So I progressed to making dogs and cats and other animals...these sold like hot cakes at the Augusta Artists Exchange...from L-R Susie, The JR, Smokey the cat and Dear Charley The JR with their christmas finery on. Of course I made the two boys in the pictures, youngest son Drew and older son Ben:>

Then I got ambitious making TALL figures - 12 inches or so- remember I had 25 lb of sculpey in the freezer!! This is my favorite and I need to repair him..hes lost whatever was in his right hand...

The little boy and his bear....

A jolly fat Santa ready to make his rounds delivering presents

Santas Train and bunny

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