Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Playing with polymer clay

So my friend Connie said lets make buttons with sculpey next week...did we make buttons? well maybe a few! BUT heres what i made..

An angel...the one in the middle....the other two are about 20 years old. The little one on the right actually looked like a student I taught named Cindy...so of course thats her name...the others dont have names...and probably WONT!! I made her so that I could show Connie how to make her Santa...I use basic shapes like a tall cone for the body, teardrops for the arms and hands, a ball for the head with snakes for the hair...as in long thin clay snakes:> NO shes NOT Medusa!! Wire wings were made from some old wire i had in the kitchen drawer...bought long ago for some project or other.

So i decided to redo the head of the angel...and added eyeballs...almost a disaster...much easier to do the other way...as in paint on the eyes one day...i also pressed a tiny star cutter into her dress so she is covered with a shower of stars...Now to get her painted....hopefully BEFORE Christmas:>

sculpey used to be my thing till it started to irritate the tendons in my arms...so I finally gave it up. I used to own more sculpey and fimo than Michaels...bytw the new vitamins and supplements I am taking allowed me to squeeze sculpey conditioning it all day without a twinge of tendons or an ache of arthritis in my fingers:>

Before gilding and baking

These are my "buttons" ...some old some new....I made face molds before i made these...these were made by pressing the clay into these molds and then they were either gold leafed or dusted with gold powder...they also have two holes on each side so they can be sewn down. Of course the others have been in a bag in the kitchen island for hmm three years??? maybe four???

Here they are gilded and baked! Santa had to join them because he had lost the "fur" ball on top of his head and he got a new one...lucky santa...also my blade got two wads of sculpey baked on so i could actually press down on the blade without cutting my fingers up!!


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Ooooh, Maggie, I love your face cabochons, especially with the curly edges!

Gale, pursuing as much as I can as fast as I can! said...

I agree with Linda! The faces are just great!