Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What I have learned about Oil Pastels aka Shiva Paint stik

What to do if you cant wait for mail order!:>

From my research in the Oil Pastels for the Serious Beginner by John Eliott you could get a good box of upper end Cray pas by Sakura and use them…they are not iridescent…you might also try the art stores.

You can also look for the Sennelier and Holbein oil pastels…because they work on cloth…that’s one of the things Sennelier designed the first ones to do…and frankly IF they don’t skim over I would rather have those…the skim coat is irritating…oh another duh can sharpen them with a razor blade and you can also peel off the skim coat…not use your nails like I did!! Back to the Sennelier and Holbein…they come in fluorescent and iridescent AND metallic…far bigger range of colors too than the shiva stiks…

So how did I make the lets call them rubbings with the shiva paint sticks?

First I put a foam leaf stamp under the fabric on the table and tried to hold it down while I rubbed it…then I put a rubber mat on the table…drawer liner kind…to use to rub over…so I did that awhile…moving it around to change the texture of the lines…next I put the stamp back down again only this time it was on the mat…an ah hah moment…the stamp did not slide when it was on the mat…so after that all of the things like the washers and tile spacers went on the mat…no slide…well reduced slide…pretty cool…

Things I have learned while rubbing:
You will want to wear gloves if you don’t want your hands rainbow colors…have two lovely emerald green fingernails…:>

They seem to dry really fast.

Paint stiks will get a new skim coat that you have to peel off AGAIN!!

The red rubber stamps make crisper rubbings than a foam stamp. I think they are firmer.

Put down newspaper....a lot of the coating they get just seems to fall off....and make a mess. Put the paper on the floor too under your chair.

One thing I did like about them is that I did not get "paint" on my clothes...I always get it on my shirt.

Put a paper towel under your arm so you dont get smears of color.

Use a paper towel for blending colors. I have to buy it?

No! Alot of things around the house will give you texture...

Look in your kitchen drawers...they are full of them...such as the slots on the back of a spoon, the holes on the adjustable drawer opener.

My favorite one was the bottom of the glue stick holder...lots of neat dots...

Use the the felt nonscratching things for chair legs mounted on a piece of wood or acyrlic. They come in several sizes.

Weather striping can be cut up into stripes.

Different rubber matting seems to have different textures.

What about the placemats...I know they would make rubbings.

Off the top of my head..dominoes, checkers, bits of lace, slots in spatulas, cooling racks, mesh bags, small plastic drain mats...and kind of wired checkerboard surface. Baskets, tile floors and counter tops...the gas stove burners, rubber bands, paper clips, picture frames with lacy metal edges or wooden carvings...drawer pulls on our roll top desk...carved oak...and of course...the ultimate grave stone rubbings and other architectural features.

Hmm wonder if the neighbors would think I have lost it if I go out in the street and make rubbings of the manholes...but hmm he he now that I think about it the cover of the water meter has a neat diamond texture...and its in my

Now...let me know what you can add to this list...check out dhs tool box...and the junk drawer...I know there are tons of stuff in there...oh dog toys...looking at a great nubby barbell right now...bolts...and those hated vertical blinds have lovely long rows of parallel lines!!! Thats just what I can see looking around the I really have to go because I am making myself tired...

Have fun!!!

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