Friday, June 10, 2005

What kind of press is this?I acquired this press when the school was throwing out all the art equipment and material and told us to take what we want. This looked to good to leave. But the question is ...what kind of press is it? There is also a set of 1/4-1/3" masonite sheets with slots for handles that would fit in it ...not sure if they go with it or not. Posted by Hello


Dale Anne said...

It looks like it could be a flower press......or for making books and pressing the pages all together to be bound.....interesting to see what others think it is???
Dale Anne

Sunni said...

It's a book press. Papermakers also use it to press freshly pulled or poured paper to make them stronger. --sunni

Caitlin said...

I'ts a bookbinding press - once your book is bound, you carefully wrap it in greasproof paper and press so that the covers are beautifully adhered and falt. You lucky thing!

Akua said...

If you have or see more like these, I sure would like to acquire one.

This looks like the Arnold Grummer press of which I have two -- one of each size-- which was created to press freshly made paper.

If you tire of this, please let me know!