Sunday, May 18, 2008

So i am sorry i forgot to

post this weekend...been busy sneezing, shopping and going to the gym...hanging out with middle son and my brother his wife and kids...too busy to get to the computer...or not feeling like it when i could...I LOVE spring but the pollen just kills me...half an hour on the backporch and i am a here are two wc that i forgot to for Friday and one for soon as i get the pics done of some i did this weekend...will post my moleskine with wc pencils

Kids watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Friday...they were too delighted with this movie...watching it on the computer screen and on the big white board at the right...testing finally done

End of the year Dible testing for grades K-3 FINALLY done...these are the three stories that the second graders tested on...I could hardly test them for thinking of doing this journal page...BYTW green light means they light failed...yellow DANGER DANGER DANGER

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