Thursday, September 18, 2008

The TWO Margaret's have an ART show

Margaret W's Symbolism in a Woman's Life and my postcard bouquet isnt the bouquet cool?
Symbolism is a lithograph
Another postcard bouquet with peacock feathers including some of my lady postcards
and Margaret W's watercolor Night Flight

Okay so i did a dumb thing...i didnt take pictures of everything in the show...none of the newer stuff...There were more than 60 pieces of art in the show...and this is the few things i took pictures of...

Randy Cannon and his staff at the Milledgeville Allied Arts did such a great job putting our things on show i should have...i dont know what i was thinking...maybe someone else took better pictures? So i dug alot of my computer...i did take pictures of Margaret Wesley's stuff ...not all of it...had a lot of that too on my heres what i have dug up...bytw none of my newest stuff...

BYTW the show will be up thru October 10 in the old Marlor House which is the Allied Arts Center in Milledgeville Ga. 90 miles or so both from Atlanta and Augusta just off I 20...Milledgeville is a lovely college town filled with old antebellum building so you might want to take a tour of it whilst you are there...

The Coral Reef and a couple of details of it...
it was the featured quilt on the cover of the New England Quilt Museums Batik Show CD and of course been to IQF at Houston! That was definitley a thrill!!!
Raw edge applique and thread painting...

Its a womans thing
A fun quilt i made to advertise Dianne Hires trip to South Carolina using her Quilters Play Games for the pieces in the quilt...tic tac toe pick up sticks hop scotch to name a few

Lady Nolly
one of 15 quilts juried into a special exhibit dedicated to subject of Hurricane Katrina at INternational Quilt Festival

River Bend Lady
Hand dyed thread painted beaded ruched stuffed folded:> Made for Larkin Van Hornes invitational exhibit Its Not Easy Being Green...dedicated to all the beautiful trees that line the banks of our Savannah River neighborhood...and to those that have been cut so that home owners can have a view...

Isnt this the coolest way to display postcards you have ever seen...told Randy to sell the whole bouquet:>

Heres another one

Display cases with some of the journal books i have been making and my boxes...I do LOVE the boxes!! Oh and that darned crazy quilt purse i made...i didnt leave an inch of fabric unembellished!! This picture really does not do it justice!
Margaret W's The Roll of the Instructor
in the background acrylic, mixed media

My last string of journal quilts for International QUilt Festivals exhibit a page from my journal
Forest Lady
This lady was actually featured in an ad for International Quilt Festivals ad in Cloth Paper Scissors and was part of the book The Creative Journey AND toured all over the world as part of that exhibit. tyvek, thread painting, hand drawn face, angelina fibers

Wisteria Lady
hand painted thread painted ruched ribbon hair

Red Maple leaves
Hand dyed silk velvet background tyvek leaves and cellophane seeds all hand painted and thread painted

Tyvek, angelina fibers thread painting shashika i know i spelled that wrong!Memories
Stamped hand colored, thread painted ruching raw edge applique beading

My youngest son Drew and his girl friend the lovely Leeanne!

Margaret and her son Bobby at the Marlor Arts Center
Margaret gave a great talk...I told her she really wanted to be an art historian and not just an artist and art teacher...both of which shes great at...but shes also great to take to an art museum...she can tell you all kinds of interesting things about most of the art work

Margaret W's Life From the Beginning

Margaret W's Realms of a Woman's World -
mixed media , lithograph prints, watercolor cut and handstitched paper

Margaret W's Dichotomy and Symbols in a Woman's World
Watercolor Hand stitched paper
Margaret W's Then and Now Progress
....i dont know what you call this thing but its really cool...two views of a woman THEN and NOW
one way you look at it you see the THEN woman and the other way its the modern NOW job!

The top one is Margaret W's #37
Silver Bells and Cockle Shells and Pretty Maids all in a row
Applique Fabric
The bottom one is
The Muse of Color
Applique Fabric

Margaret W's Celebration of Women
Large Applique quilt made with the help of her sister
Top: Margaret W's
Homage to Venus (Botticelli's)
oil on canvas, wood
Bottom: her Abstractly Greek(Venus De Millo)
oil on canvas, wood
I think this is Margaret W's Spread your wings and fly
a large quilt appliqued and painted done with the help of her sister the quilter
Margaret W's The Real Wonder Woman
mixed media

hmm not a clue what the name of this one is....perhaps Margaret W's
Just Another Pretty Face?

acrylic, mixed media


Spinneretta said...

FANTASTIC- how talented you two Maggies are :) These are great!
I love those 'Lady' quilts- and the 'then and now' women :)

Sandi said...

This body of work is outstanding! Simply outstanding! And it is the perfect combination of two artists. I scrolled through and for me it was soul food. It just turned my creative juices on high! I cannot see the technique up close but my sense of it is that it is also well executed. Bravo to the two Margarets!

Sandi said...

This body of work is outstanding! Simply outstanding! And it is the perfect combination of two artists. I scrolled through and for me it was soul food. It just turned my creative juices on high! I cannot see the technique up close but my sense of it is that it is also well executed. Bravo to the two Margarets!

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Maggie, I was just showing your wonderful show postcard to my sister and saying how I wished I could see your show in person! Thanks for the little teaser ... now I REALLY wish I could see it!

K said...

What wonderful ART.
You should be so proud of yourself.
Don't be so hard on yourself about not taking photos - that's what happens when you're occupied with other things.

K said...

Just in the nick of time!
I just moved the flowers I got for my birthday yesterday and was about to throw out the flower "fork".
It won't get thrown out now - just put aside to be joined by others.

Judybec said...

What an AMAZING post!!! Lovely to see your show --my favorite has got to be your colorful "coral reef" quilt--it's so happy! I absolutely adore the postcard display!!!!!!! I'm doing my first outdoor art show next week and I may use your idea to show samples of my note cards --if you don't mind-- it's a fantastic idea!!!

norma said...

Margaret,this is absolutely fabulous! I've always loved your ladies and all the rest of your work, too. Yours and Margaret W.'s work looks so good together. Bravo on a job well done.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Thank you for the art exhibit...very inspiring! My favorites were your "lady" quilts. And what a great way to show off the fabric postcards!