Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 37 - Public Drawing

Scary stuff drawing in public but a far corner in the local Evans Starbucks was perfect for surreptitious sketching of customers. Nobody gave me a glance.

This is what it looked like when I left Starbucks. Done with pit pen and watercolor in my moleskine.  I think I like it....but sometimes you have to look at it for a while to be sure, don't you?!..a bright cheerful sketch...and I didn't even have popcorn while I was there...it's in the local Target .

The colors I used!
Somebody commented they really liked the colors so I thought I would tell you about them...the red is Daniel Smith Quinacridone Red...more bang for the buck than a cad red and non toxic too!! The rust color is NOT raw sienna but DS Quinacridone Sienna...also more bang for your buck. They are delicious colors!!  I also used a couple of tubes of Daniel Smith's Primateks...they are granulating colors made from real stones...Hematite and Piemontite Genuine...to read more about Quinacridones and Primateks see this page and Primteks only on this page on Daniel Smith's website.

Great Shadows are always a problem.  How do I make them.  Generally I use a blue combined with a brown to make them...my favorite combos are cerulean and yellow ochre...lovely light greys full of light.  Another great combo is cobalt with Burnt Sienna or Burnt Umber.  Don't mix them totally to get lovely puddles of color in your greys.

I also used Daniel Smith's  Indigo for the dark shadows...its not quite blue but its not black either...and of course its great mixed with Vermilion and or Burnt Umber for  really dark almost black shadows. Much more interesting than black out of a tube.

I also used my ever reliable yellow ochre, cobalt and ultramarine blue.  Skin was made with Quin Sienna and yellow ochre...the guy had a great tan!! And I used some greyed out Pthalo green on the shirt!!

Have fun!!

Thanks for looking!!!

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