Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 40 - Is there a flood??

Seems along forty days today. I wonder how Noah did it?? My new granddaughter was born at 12:45 am today so we are all a little tired.

So I am posting a painting I finished I earlier this week.

Out my Window

This painting gave me a fit. The clouds were far too dark so I took the piece of Mr Clean to them and lightened them. Then I lightened them some more with a white inktense crayon but I didn't wet it like you normally would so it stayed bright white.

But I think perhaps there's still too much sky. Sometimes you have to crop a painting to improve it. Here it is cropped. Which one do you like better??

1 comment:

Nancy P said...

I like the big sky! It feels like the clouds are the story. Some days are like that.