Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 84 -Another Hand or Two

I am prone to binges. 84 consecutive days of blogging constitutes a binge. I also tend to draw the same things over and over practicing.

I am thrilled with my new phone except -well-you can't rotate photos in camera. Huh? And iPhoto doesn't work so you can't do it there. What?! Finally I used a photo ap Camera +. That required figuring out how to use it. Sigh. Sooner or later all will be revealed.

Phone is Quin Rose.

The last hand. At least for today. Done just like the hands yesterday.

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Katherine Thomas said...

Those are very well-drawn hands! And very creative, engaging compositions! I can identify with the binges, but mine are usually for some kind of junk food. Does the iPhone 6 truly not have iPhoto?! One more reason I'm glad I don't have one. Do the iPhone 5's have it? I need to decide on a new phone next month, and I've always had androids, but might be tempted by the colorful little 5C iPhones.