Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 83- Hands

Hands frequently give artists fits so I decided to get in a little practice.

But tell me have you ever tried to draw your hand while holding a sketchbook and drawing with the other hand? Makes life interesting to say the least.

Both are left hands.

Background is a Holbein gold green mixed with Daniel Smith hematite. The flesh color is Daniel Smith Quinacridone magenta Cad Yellow and a pinch of burnt sienna.

Writing done with my Pentel brush marker. But you knew that!!

Then when it was time to paint them the paper in my handbook WATERCOLOR journal actually seemed to repel the water!! Crazy. It did this in all four pages of my hand drawings. Sigh.

The spots are where the paper resisted the watercolor.

I really must write the manufacturer and ask them WHAT is going on!? And no I didn't touch the pages with greasy hands. They were pristine. Sigh!!

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