Monday, April 02, 2007

behind on my daily drawings posts of course

so what else is not new??? Here is one I did over several days last week...everything is in full bloom here right now and absolutely gorgeous...along with all this beauty comes the nasty glow of yellow green pollen and all the sneezzzinnnnggg and drrriippping ...dh said the pollen count is considered high if its 110 but lately its been hitting 5800 and yes that's right with all the zeroes...i finally succumbed to taking zyrtex...hadn't wanted too because it makes me sooooo sleepy....but at least the sneezing and itching and dripping is getting more manageable...wonder how much longer the pollen will last???

These are a couple of earlier sketches that I was not happy with...I added what I call my haiku...not sure they really are...and them much better this is the week the pollen started flying...its been almost a month now....groan...I am READY FOR IT to STOP!!!!

BYTW i did try to crop these but the mac was NOT cooperating ...hmmm maybe its all that antihistamine???


Lin said...

MAGGIE!! I HAVE MISSED YOU!! SPLENDID AND BEAUTIFUL IMAGES, CARA!! AND THAT LIZARD ... HMMMM ... MATING??? lol TAKE your allergy meds and get that pencil into gear -- I LOVE THESE!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Well, dear Miss Maggie, you could come up to Maine to escape the freakin' SNOWED today! Twice! A bit in the morning (which all melted) and more this evening...enough to dust the lawn white looking like confectioner's sugar. It won't last but SHEESH... no snow to speak of until February, andhere we are in APRIL ?!!! Will post pic tomorrow...

Hope you feel bettah soon!

Africantapestry said...

Love yourpansies, Maggie, but I don't want to say it out too loud, it make get you sneezing!! Such a beautiful time of year and at the same time, so hard on us with these hayfever problems! I take chamomile infusions as well as rooibos tea, which has natural antihistamine properties...maybe you'd like to try that?
good luck.

E-J said...

The pansies are so nicely done, Margaret - and I like the way you fill the entire page with colour and interest.