Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wildly madly knitting hats

My youngest son did not get anything big handknit for Christmas. He liked the picture of this wild dreadlocks hat on the cover of Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them(Larke Books)FOR DREWS SKI TRIP

And here is the first hat I knitted started Monday nite after I had a party at the house. I finished it yesterday morning. Its knitted on tens with some chunky yarn i got at Michaels...Michaels has it on sale...Bernat Alpaca Mix and Patons Chunky Shetland Tweeds.


At the party my dear friend Mary Verdery gifted me with 32 skeins of Noro Kureyon #92(lucky me:>!!!) I went to lunch with the other Margaret and Rachel and kept thinking about the silly but fun hat....and knew the Noro would be perfect for after a long nap...I feel asleep while starting the second hat...stayed up late knitting on the first hat(2AM!!) and not even the needles would keep my eyes propped open....FINALLY I woke up and started knitting again...if I hadnt I would have been asleep again...I finished this one about 11 pm...and promptly fell asleep again...NO wait...I remembered I had bought another color way of Noro(#185 Kureyon) on half price sale this summer in Highlands at Why Not Knit....another fun group of colors....I pulled it out and left it on the stairs so when i got up this morning I could start in on it...Its finished...odd how the blue one only took four hours and this one took about 5 and a half hours....

To make the dreadlocks
The dreadlocks are made by knitting in a stitch...pulling the stitch out twice as long as you want the dreadlock and twisting it. Then you fold it back onto the needle and knit it off....knit a few stitches and make another could also make them short and make twiggy things all over the hat...oh no is there another hat coming on!!!

Now to shower paint a picture and have some more company over for New Year...Chick flicks on the menu and some pomengranate martinis!!!

....maybe tomorrow I will post pictures of my dreadlocks scarves I made earlier this year and did not blog....

Happy New Year

from Maggie in SC following the southern tradition of spending the day doing what she wants to do for the whole year...thats why i have to paint!!!:>


pcoxdesign said...

Those are totally awesome!!!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Maggie, the dreadlock caps are just gorgeous!
Happy New Year to you!

Leslie said...

They are fabulous. Love the yarns you used.

norma said...

They are really cute. I love some of the fun and wild hats that the kids wear for skiing.

Carol Thompson said...

I love your hats. They're so colorful and fun, I wish I had one.

Shirley said...

Now those are Spectular!! what a fun thing to wear and I would wear one in a NY minute!
Shirley in Oregon

random notes said...

Hey Maggie
Great looking hats. I want one! Your blog is super spectacular and I was genuinely surprised to find it on my google alerts this am. How have I missed it? I think... it deserves a link on my blog.
Jane, Random Arts, Saluda, NC