Sunday, February 22, 2009

a few dozen socks and other assorted knits

since i have been sick i am going to post some of the bakers dozen of socks that i have knitted recently...i even have one glove...i dont think i posted it...its still looking for its mate!! uhhohhh

these are leeann's- noro yarn
these are leeanns and the blue ones are drews-he picked the yarn out for them himself-one day he even called me to thank me for the warm socks and warm scarf and his dreadlocks was 19 or so and he was toasty warm from all his knitted splendor...thats why he gets the socks:>

hmm Sue got these for her birthday last month-Noro yarn

These are mine...subtle brown to wear when you dont want flaming red socks on! Cherry tree hill hand dyed sock yarn java something...yummy browns and purples
my father in laws scarf to wear on cold mornings when he walks with his buddies on the track at dawn..hes only 82!! Green lambspride....he said it works great!
still have this day it will find a home-something i bought on sale last january
Leeann got these for christmas...carnival by well if i went to the loopy ewe website i could find it...wild crazy colors
Mine...more Noro yarn...not the softest stuff but yummy colors as long as you remove the black....dont know why he throws in the black....ickkk.....and i can think of at least three more pairs of socks that i didnt take pictures of and several scarves and hmm one sweater or was it two? Three hats...been knitting ALOT!!!

working on a noro pullover when i get over this cold...soon i hope!!!some scarves that i mom got two and i kept two-second one is art yarns handdyed sil and the third one is noro silk the last one is hand dyed silk
my son bens christmas present Kaffe fassett grey yarn lovely stuff
one of three dreadlocks scarves that i knitted out of a chunky kaffe fassett yarn....this is favorite one a pink one was misplaced at a quilt retreat when i was sneezing my brains out..maybe someone will find it and return it!...

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Therese May Studio said...

I love your socks!