Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Obama Brohaha

my son drew in the blue and white plaid shirt...bottom left corner

I am on a listserve where there is much consternation about the use of an AP picture of Obama by a guy named Faery to produce his famous Obama poster...I just realized that one of my kids had left several Obama photos on my harddrive...I am sure she would not mind my posting them to share with the world...and if you need an obama pic...feel free to use them..NO they are not the quality of the now infamous AP photo BUT she did not take 800 of them either....just eight...these eight...cut paste turn them red if you must...have fun....our gift to you...all Copyright free...or should i say put out into the world for your use?!

Bytw if you see a dark headed guy in a blue and white plaid shirt...i THINK that is my youngest son Drew...he and his bro Ben were both Obama fellows during the campaign last fall. Obama set up a special meeting with the Fellows in Atlanta last fall when these pics were made....I will ask Ben if he has anymore pics of Obama...we can add them to the cr free files:>

BYTW both Drew and his girl are attorneys....these are from her camera!

I think this is my fav photo...or maybe the one on the stool when hes being introduced!

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Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

I really hope that you all that believe so much in the change that things will be different. However, from what I have seen so far it is politics as usual.