Sunday, November 14, 2010

Art After Dark

The Art Guild of Columbia County held its annual Art sale and auction last nite. Always a nice occasion...lots of people show up for the art, entertainment and of course food and wine:>

SOLD!! I am so excited that this watercolor sold...I just took it because I wanted to have four pieces of art in Art After Dark and its the newest watercolor that I have done...and SOMEBODY bought it...woohoo:>

Primping Lady Nolly to hang at Art After Dark ....made little rollers for her ribbons out of scraps of batting..they worked perfectly. I steamed the silk ribbons and then stuffed them with the "rollers" and left them over nite to "set"....You know a girl has to roll her hair I mean her clothes before her debut at Art After Dark:> She is also sold...or should I say on layaway!!:>

Spent most of the week getting "Be Careful Boys" done so it could hang for the first time at Art After Dark.

I should have taken more pictures but its a hard spot to take pictures of before the sun goes down. All the glare from the windows. There were a couple of racks made from lattice that the art quilts and a few of the smaller watercolors hung on.

Some more of the art work. Not sure whose ...there were 42 artists plus local "celebrities" that also did art work. The odd thing about these tv and radio "celebs" they all were either really tall or some where really round...and of course none of them looked like they did on tv...I do think you have to be 6' to be a news anchor on tv anymore!

A general shot of the left of the was at The Church of the Holy Comforter which was consecrated about four years ago.

The left side going out the door...Wayne was setting up his wonderful jewelry...and of course I was too tired by then to think of taking pics of it!! It sells quite well..semiprecious stones set in gold wire. The tent in the back corner is the silent auction which goes to a student art scholarship.

Hard to see but Meredith McPherson's wonderful Chinese brushwork pictures...or is it calligraphy on wonderful handmade papers?? Anyway her work is wonderful not that you can see it in the glare from the windows in this picture. Check out her website and be sure to mark you calendars for Art After Dark next November! See YOU THERE!


Sioux said...

I LOVE this quilt. Beautiful work!

YankeeQuilter said...

So happy you had a sale! I can't believe Lady is on layaway...does that mean you actually have to let her leave your house?!