Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to do those innie corners

This quilt "Watch it, Boys!" had ten innies...thats what I call reversed ninety degree corners. And of course I wanted to bind them just like the lady in the picture would do.

Neighbor Ladies which won first place in Asheville in the Art Quilts Category also has these same innie corners though not so many.

Be prepared that it takes a LONG time to sew down all these innies, much longer than normal corners take.


Click on the pictures to see a larger view!!

Single binding is the most important part. It was cut 1 1/4". First I sewed the piping down using the piping foot.

When I sew the piping down, I clip it to the seam at each inside and outside corner.

This is a normal corner clipped ready to bind. I used the same PIPING foot to sew the binding on. It just makes the job of sewing the binding easier and neater.

As I sew the binding on I sew to the point that the inside corner meets itself. I leave about an inch of fabric on each side of the corner to manipulate and fold into the innie corner.

Sew the binding to the inside corners.

Make a v clip in each side of the binding. Be careful to make the v clip about the same size as the width of the binding. That is if you have a 1/4 inch binding your v clip should be about a half inch in width. The bottom of the v should be at the edge of the quilt. You will also have to make a small clip where the binding goes from the front to the back of the quilt so that the fabric can lay down on the back. BE CAREFUL and do just a SMALL clip parallel to the edge of the quilt.

Fold one side of the corner into a 45 degree angle from the sewn corner to the corner of the quilt. This will be in the opposite direction of a normal 90 degree corner. Slip stitch it down.

Then repeat with the other half of the binding.

Flip to the back of the quilt. Fold the extra fabric under to form another 45 degree angle. Slip stitchboth sides down.

Trim the triangle tail hanging down closely and push it up under the binding with either your small scissors or my favorite a damp toothpick.

Sew the binding down as you normally would.

Finished corners - and innie and an outty


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