Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day 131 Live drawing at Barnes & Noble

Had a fun day in Atlanta with long time friend MeryLynn remet on FB.  We went to several galleries in central downtown Atlanta near Spelman College including one at Spelman - very interesting fiber art.  My favorite piece was a glass wire wrapped headdress...just glowed under the gallery lights.  There were the most fantastic crocheted pieces...huge things.  One looked like a comet rocketing across the sky. Another was a huge African style tent. Fascinating.

Loved the mixed media pieces at ...darn I think the name of the gallery was the Sandler Hudson something. There was a mixed media accordion book that I really liked.  May have to try to make one.  Also pieces done on old book covers.  Really liked those too.  Odd pieces of ceramic any one of which I wouldnt mind owning.  As Mery Lynn said soft gentle pieces. Last we went to was Marcia Wood Gallery ...fabulous pieces of wood that were optical illusions.  Sorry I didnt take photos of them all!! 

These are both drawn in my moleskine sketch with my Lamy Safari, colored with my prismacolor artstixs.

On the way home I stopped at Barnes and Noble for some lunch.  I think the cafe is a little close quarters for comfort sketching the denizens of the place.  Thse three were having a great conversation over coffee about the airport and the different shops that you can only find in the airport evidently filled with high end items.  They never noticed me sitting in the corner sketching away.  

This lady sat next to me...from now on I am NEVER drawing anyone right next to me...tooo stressful. I think I would have done a better job had she been on the other side of the room from me.  I was afraid she would see what I was up too. I loved her beret which is why I drew her.  

She and a friend must be school teachers.  The other lady was sitting their cutting out piles of construction paper.

I found this book about my dad's Marine Fox Company's battle at Choisin Reservoir during Korea.  It was just sitting on a shelf face out as I walked by...and of course it came home with me.  Says its a riveting read...we shall see. Says my grandfather was a pipe fitter...hmm he was a pipe line contractor not a pipe fitter.  

And here is last nites progress on the socks!! Down to the what shall I do to make some screaming wild heels?!! 

Thanks for looking!!

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