Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 130 - A Miracle!

That's a big number!!

This one is dedicated to
A Fall in Atlanta aka the City in the Forest because of all the trees. Hard to see the sky because of the tree canopy at times.

Painted in my new Stillman & Birn Zeta with quinacridone red Aureolin yellow and cobalt blue. Splattered w cobalt. I have already started a second one to see how doing them w negative painting goes.

A little disappointed with my Stillman & Birn. The 180# paper buckled and the washes in this tried to puddle in places. I don't think it should do that but It did. The page did dry flat. I think!! Will check in the am because I used a lot of water!

Maybe I need to paint it on that kilimanjaro I have with me.

This is it without the cobalt negative painting. Which do you like best?!

Started some new freestyle socks. Really nice yarn from sheepish in Decatur. Knits fast.

Thanks for Looking!

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