Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 129 - Daily Sketching at the Farmers Market.

Only 50 days and I will have been posting for half a year. Wonder if I will make it?!

Love the DeKalb Farmers Market on Ponce de Leon near Decatur.
Hard to beat their prices. Just wear a sweater or a jacket if you go. It's cold in there!!

My lunch at the Farmers Market Cafe. In my moleskine. Drawn with my Lamy colored with my prismacolor Artstixs. The samosas are to die for. Everything was delicious.

Today I stocked up on their spices. They have 42 feet of them at dirt cheap prices. A cup of cinnamon for .77 Without those cans regular grocery stores put them in they are cheap.

And tried out their delicious bread samples. Bought a focaccia. I AdOrE their focaccia.

Then I headed to the cafe for some of their delicious food. And lots of people sitting down to draw.

I learned a lesson when I drew this. Never try to draw the mouth. Just a line or two will do. The guy looked great til I tried to define his mouth better. Big mistake. Won't do that again.

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