Sunday, November 09, 2014

Day 127 - daily sketching.

Been reading Veronica Lawlors book One Drawing A Day with suggestions for daily drawing and listened to Danny Gregory's section of Sketchbookskool who says just draw something everyday. Doesn't have to be grand. So I did.

This was in front of me on my sons coffee table. I drew a rough square with my Lamy in my moleskine and started drawing. I like the way objects protrude from the square.

I purposefully smudged the ink with my finger. Then I got out my prismacolor art stixs and had some fun coloring the objects.

I rather like this quick sketch.

Next up my youngest sons Lucy dog as Henry calls her. This one is drawn with a pencil in my moleskine and colored with my prismacolor artstixs. She's a brindled pit mix pound puppy, a sweetie who frequently is found curled up in the corner of the sofa sleeping.

Thanks for looking.

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