Saturday, November 08, 2014

Day 126 - Sketchbookskool Homework Again

The last of my homework for Veronica Lawlor. Checking that week done and complete!!

The second assignment was to follow someone around for a couple of hours and draw quick sketches of  them - the essence or telling a story about what was going on.  These are NOT meant to be exact replicas of him.  I have a camera for that.

They were also totally drawn in pencil first like I like to do...very scary stuff but getting less scary.  Mistakes were to be left...I made them AND left them!!

 So I drew my son while he recuperates from his broken wrist.  I still need to do a good drawing of the gizmo on his arm. I have no idea what it's called.  THese were drawn with my Lamy fine point pen in my moleskin.

My favorite drawing of the three.
This started out as a black and white drawing.  BUT I decided to color it with my Prismacolor Art Stixs.

Looking down at the kitchen table reading.  I like it better colored.

Here's another one on the sofa watching tv.  This one has a few mistakes but most people would know who it is.

The one on the right other than the odd position of the body does not resemble him.  He's  fidgety and changes position every minute so he's a tough person to sneak and draw!

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