Friday, January 16, 2015

New Blog new website

Hi Just wanted to let you know where I have gone...Been working on my new blog and website at Wordpress since 6 am. Fingers now worn out. Nap coming soon. Please check it out.
Let me know what you think!! 195 Days of Consecutive blogging too. An ink comparison test.

I will migrate this blog as soon as I figure out how to do it!! And I am knocking off now!! Thanks for all the support! Hope to see you on the new site!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 192 -Almost Forgot!

Sketching at Targets Starbucks in Evans Ga. 
She walked off.  

Not many shoppers. Mostly drew the cashiers. Thanks for looking.  Back to my nap!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 191 - Hogfish Grill review!

This restaurant was so good we went THREE times. It's reasonably easy to get seated without a really long wait. On the water. Great service. Good food all in an open air grass hut. 

Funky bar. This was done with watercolor  pencil. I really don't like WC pencils. Think it would look better in slurpy washes of watercolor. 

Here's the whole double page spread. 

Thanks for looking. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 191 - Sketchbook Skool homework

Homework Draw outside. Hmm it was very cold. 14 degrees. So I sat in the car and drew. Where there's a will there's a way right?!
The fountain at DJ and Co. It outgrew the page. I had intended it to fit on one ove. HaHAHAHA. I could not get it on the page this way. It outgrew it.  Oops.  Better planning needed. 

I then got the brilliant idea to color all that white space yellow. BIG mistakes.  The lettering was done with Noodlers Bulletproof Ink. It went crazy smearing. Finally I taped a new sheet of paper over it.  First I painted it yellow and THEN I letters it. 

After this disaster I drew another. 

I actually painted this one first.  I usually paint when I get home. Normally I would paint the failure first to try out colors. DUH not this time.  Got the bright idea to paint the background a dark cobalt to make the fountain pop. The letters ran. DUUUHHH. Finally I painted the background with cerulean mixed with Winsor permanent white gouache. Better but still not
Great. I may redraw this one yet!  Maybe in pencil for the other homework assignment?! 
Trying to do a journal page or two about what I did during the week. More Danny Gregory homework?! 

And this guy. Well it didn't have to be buildings did it? Drew him in the middle of a local Cafe. He reminded me
So much of The Donald so I had to draw him!  

Thanks for Looking!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 190 - El Meson de Pepe

Watercolor in my Moleskine watercolor journal. Pen Noodler Creaper w bulletproof black ink. 

Decided to journal about our Key West adventures adding to the pictures I did at the different restaurants.  We heard good things about El Meson de Pepe on Wall Street. Off to a good start. Great view great ambience. We waited and waited.  No service. Finally got service. Terrible margarita. No water. Waited and waited for our food. Order wrong. Food was not good. Expensive tough conch fritters.  Scallops drowned in olive oil and of course the food was pricey. We are in Key West but we didn't even get a decent Margarita. I think they forgot the liquor. . 

The view from our table. A great huge banyan growing over a wall. And chickens and bikes. Loved the view. Not the plce.