Monday, August 29, 2005

Postcards- Counting 200- and Hurricanes

11 pm
Well finally my son is off the computer so I can add the pictures...I might even add the ones I was working on tonite...well that sounds like alot of work...maybe tomorrow....


Okay so I have to go to the grocery store...the natives are hungry...and mother hubbards cupboard is other thing postcards do!!! Will try to repost pics later on this afternoon....blogger is NOT cooperating!!!

Hi, well today I have been enthralled with the tv watching CNN and the far it looks like everyone is doing well...after such dire predictions it seems like a miracle doesnt it?!

Saturday we had a great time at People Places and Quilts making usual the loveliest ladies showed up for class full of enthusiasm. Its amazing how much mess we made making such small postcards. We cut, ripped, stamped, colored and then had the best lunch at the Greek Restaurant two doors down...I dont know what they put in that wrap but it was terrific!

Here are my stamp demo postcards from the class...of course I had to come home and finish them ....well or attempt to....also coloring...doesnt it make a difference...before and after!

The geisha lady was my demo of beading and ruching....I think I might really like this one! I copied the stamp arrangement from one of my students Kate Smith but added the decorative those stamp fabrics!

The others are odds and ends that I have been working on...I really need to do something to these lovely ladies besides add butterflies...I have at least ten different butterfly I decided to add some pansies...and this one will get silk I am wondering about cutting out some fish to wrap around the blue ladies faces...NOPE will stick to butterflies, flowers and oh YEAH DRAGONFLIES...where is that dragonfly fabric Peggy gave me Saturday?

Just for good measure I stuck in one of the first postcards that I ever did..I made 36 or so for the first art2mail swap and this is one that I now I guess I have made up to almost 200 postcards....

tomorrow I will add the atcs to the website...well I hope I will ...we had fun that afternoon making those...but I cant find the one that I made as a demo....somewhere in all those bags.....

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