Thursday, August 24, 2006

What I did last nite...

Charley snoozing

Jazz snoozing

Well the dogs have been really cooperative lying around snoozing...and rearranging themselves for another sketching opportunity...these were done with pencil or with ink in my molie...Jazz in her pretty princess bed

Jazz is on guard looking for the bad kitty but got tired of watching for him and finally fell asleep.

This is my middle son Ben...not the best likeness although I nailed his eyes . His chin is not symetrical at in the left side hangs down farther than the have to fix that and his teeth...well there something definitely odd about them...but at least i tried right???


Lin said...

GREAT GREAT JOB on these!! And what a sweet, good looking son! Your puppy pix are really outstanding, Maggie!!!!

Jana Bouc said...

I love these drawings. The dogs are adorable and you've done a beautiful job capturing their proportions. I like the one of your son too. He looks like a really interesting person. I noticed that I have an unsymetrical chin too. I'd never known that before until I was trying a weird kind of blind contour drawing I think I made up--I drew not by looking but by moving one finger along my face's contour and drawing what I felt.