Saturday, October 29, 2005

Block ten of simply delicious

this is block ten...nine are sewn together...I put them up somewhere in the house...gotta go look for them. This is the Cantaloupe block of SImply Delicious by Piece of Cake...I sometimes do needle turned applique when I dont want to have to mess up the house cutting out fabric or sewing like a maniac on the machine....or get out all the beads, paints, stamps I ever finish them...nope so far have three finished applique tops and two more just missing a few small things and never have quilted one of them...maybe its the doing that I like? Not the quilting...but darn I do love to quilt...I will change that record shortly ...I have stars in the garden all pinned and ready to quilt as soon as I quit finding other things that I "MUST" Posted by Picasa

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